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    How to draw customers back into stores using hyperlocal digital marketing methods?


    How to draw customers back into stores using hyperlocal digital marketing methods?

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    The evolution of digital marketing has always been on the lines of ever-changing consumer behavior. One of the most crucial assets of digital marketing is hyperlocal marketing, wherein marketers can pinpoint a specific geographical location and drive all their marketing efforts in that location. With correct hyperlocal marketing proposals, brands can expect maximum business and minimum hassle. We need to be vigilant while choosing the locality when working on our digital marketing solutions. Companies can achieve extraordinary business with a proper marketing plan in place.

    Let’s have a look at these advantages of hyperlocal marketing, which can help you draw your precious customers back to the stores.

    Increased brand awareness

    When we publish promotions for a definite geographical location, we tend to expect great results; if not perfect. While applying hyperlocal marketing techniques, we should aim for a 60 to 80% surge in awareness of our brand. Brand awareness is a desirable outcome of digital marketing services.

    Through apt hyperlocal marketing, one can assure a steady increase in brand awareness. For our clean-fuel supplier client, Think Gas, we managed to create awareness among the CNG users in Bhopal. We ran a campaign targeting CNG users in Rajgarh and Gorakhpura areas of Bhopal and garnered 9,64,342 impressions using effective hyperlocal marketing.

    Dominate ‘near me’ searches

    The frequency of ‘near me’ searches has increased in recent years and now people expect search engines to show relevant results, near them. Many search engines now automatically show results according to the locality and GPS recorded location of users.

    Hyperlocal marketing creates a smooth connection between a consumer and a service provider. Intelligent use of hyperlocal marketing can push your results to the top, resulting in increased business traffic.

    Freedom of dedicated approach

    Another advantage of hyperlocal marketing is the freedom of a dedicated approach. Companies can advertise a product or service using different strategies according to the geography or target audience.

    This provides creative freedom and flexibility to the professionals working across digital marketing agencies. Hyperlocal marketing also rewards the marketers with ease of promotion. Through this approach, businesses can promote hard-hitting offers, deals, and discounts; driving customers to the stores.

    Pocket-friendly marketing

    Several researches and real-time implementation of hyperlocal marketing tools have shown this technique to be profitable for the digital marketing companies in India and for their clients. Budget is always the top priority for the brands and their marketing team, through smart hyperlocal marketing one can cut down on unnecessary expenditure.

    Hyperlocal marketing ensures maximum utilization of resources too. Brands rely on this technique to ensure a satisfactory ROI. With hyperlocal marketing in their arsenal, businesses and digital marketing agencies look to generate leads with a higher rate of conversion.

    Effective for small businesses

    Small businesses, area limited service providers and many other micro ventures can take full advantage of hyperlocal marketing. Swamped with limited budget, the low purchase power of consumers and after-effects of the pandemic, small businesses can miss out on appropriate and effective promotion of their products and services.

    Hyperlocal marketing is highly beneficial for such ventures. They don’t have to spend heavy money on national ads to appeal to the customers. Digital marketers can promote area specific offers for these businesses and boost sales or orders.

    Hyperlocal marketing is not only convenient, it is smart and effective than other orthodox target marketing techniques and is proving to be really advantageous for even large sized businesses in the current scenario.

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      • The Strategist
      • November 16, 2021

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