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    Content Marketing

    Enhance your Fintech Content Marketing with an effective strategy

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    It is rightly said that the toughest of times brings the best out of ourselves.This stands true for the 2008-09 financial crisis that gave birth to Fintech. The next turning point was the Covid-19 pandemic, which drove digital adoption at a global scale, eventually leading to Fintech 2.0. The sector has carved a niche in innovations in core offerings and reimagined marketing and distribution. 

    Many fintech firms are slowly realizing the importance of optimizing digital technology to provide financial services for new use cases and roll out improved products that simplify access to services via voice search and smartphones. In such a scenario, a well-planned content marketing strategy is the key to maximizing brand engagement, establishing a robust online presence and drive conversions.

    How to Create Effective Fintech Content Marketing Strategy 

    Add value with valuable content 

    When the product is genuine and efficient, it is embraced by consumers in no time. In this digital era wherein competition and innovation know no bounds, it is essential for fintech brands to carve a niche identity. How can they do so? By regularly generating interactive marketing collaterals such as blog posts, white paper, product demos, and more. Videos to engage audiences are apt to deliver maximum information in minimum time. In fact, LinkedIn suggests that Founder podcasts work exceptionally well for Fintech companies. The modus operandi is to drive home the point that innovative fintech products add value to their lives by making the process convenient in a cost-effective way. Furthermore, such content stirs the desired brand conversations, establishes brand authenticity, and provides a solid knowledge base for existing and prospective clients.

    Engagement is key  

    What if a brand is churning out high-quality content but cannot engage its target consumer base? In such cases, brands must develop a fintech content marketing strategy that can stir conversations among consumers. The version 2.0 that is in full swing currently has brought a holistic view encompassing the macro environment, digitalization, business intelligence, banking currencies and technology, customer experiences etc., on the focal lens. 

    The following persuasive ideas make it compelling for the audience to interact with fintech organizations: 

    • On-site tools and resources such as calculators, quizzes, polls etc. 
    • A Quora-style community where people can post questions, provide their own insights, and engage with other industry professionals on relevant topics
    • Infusing webinars, online events, and other interactive sessions into the content mix
    • Promotion of user-generated content (UGC) on your website
    • Twitter Q & A sessions
    • Hosting an Instagram Live session with industry experts, which allows the audience to interact with them.

    Soldering the content gap 

    The pandemic has led to people switching to online payments and demanding contactless experiences. However, in emerging markets, brands must produce inclusive marketing collaterals, as informal workers who struggle to put food on the table often do not have access to digitalized experiences. The fintech industry can make a difference in this area by marketing its products to those who need them in such trying times. In addition, promoting regional content promoting their innovative financial technology solutions to the unbanked will ultimately expand their user base.

    Visualize to realize 

    Brands must visualize to realize their campaign objectives. Churning interactive and impactful text, copy, and headlines right is one thing, but they must be empowered with the right kind of visuals. After all, 65% of the global population are visual learners. According to surfly, Videos,  GIFs, infographics, presentations, and images have been voted the most popular visual elements of modern content marketing scenarios. Brands should also ensure that the visual formats are responsive and work well on both mobile and desktop. Secondly, these must have the same URL for easier indexing.

    Yield the power of social media 

    Initially, social media platforms were used only to post pictures, share entertaining content, and connect with people. Today, these have grown into versatile Marcom hubs that enable brands to interact directly with the target consumer base. Fintech brands can effectively carry out audience segmentation and optimize their campaigns on social media. Personalizing brand content across demographics further fuels the scope of engagement with products and services. Sharing blogs, know-how videos, webinars, and promotional content display the sincere effort fintech brands take to help customers level up through improved finance solutions.

    Giving prominence to Search Basics 

    Fintech brands should seriously consider making their content widely available and accessible by search engines. It is because consumers are increasingly reaching out to fintech brands online. Here are some helpful tips for fintech brands to get their SEO right. 

    • Using a robots.txt testing tool and/or confirm ownership of the brand mobile site via Google Search Console.
    • Ensure the same meta tags are used on all versions of the brand website, including tags for “nofollow” and “noindex,” as these impact pages rankings.

    The way financial services are offered and received is undergoing a sea change in our times. The need of the hour for fintech companies is to make the most of this opportunity by bringing in innovative financial solutions. By developing an effective content marketing strategy, fintech firms can enable consumers to make informed financial decisions. This will go a long way in expanded their consumer base and fuel economic growth. 

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      • September 23, 2021

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