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    Digital videos: How they will fuel e-commerce growth in 2021 and beyond

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    Ever since the global pandemic COVID-19 hit the global economy, businesses started streamlining their businesses to fit into the new situations and demands. As social distancing became necessary to stop coronavirus spread, e-commerce companies saw an exponential surge in orders. In addition, they had to adapt themselves to changing consumer tastes and preferences. On the other hand, the brick and mortar companies were severely impacted by the pandemic and consequent lockdowns and were left with no option to take their business online. Therefore, all such companies had to reinvent their business models to survive and grow in these unprecedented times. 

    Digital Videos for Ecommerce Companies in 2021

    Digital videos are not new for e-commerce companies, neither is their use for branding or promotional purposes. The global pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated video consumption and prompted e-commerce companies to use videos to maximize reach and engagement and acquire new customers. Nonetheless, while digital videos have been there in the last decades or so, it took COVID-19 to speed up things. 

    There could be various reasons why e-commerce companies turned to digital videos. However, the primary motivation has been that these are highly impactful. Especially when consumers are making their buying decisions based on a wide array of parameters, videos are definitely the best tools to provide them with a detailed picture crucial for making informed decisions. Moreover, detailed information and reviews can be posted and shared through digital videos, especially after the advent of HD videos. This attracts viewers who may also turn into customers depending upon the information they receive about the product. 

    Digital videos fuelling e-commerce  

    As digital videos are becoming an excellent tool for e-commerce growth, they are being used mainly by e-commerce companies to offer product information and reviews to prospective customers. The spread of COVID-19 forced many businesses to go online and, at the same time, prompted them to use the new age technology to educate and influence potential buyers. For instance, they are now using YouTube channels and other social media platforms to educate and guide consumers to make informed decisions vis-à-vis the products. 

    Video Content engages online users quite extensively. It can help brands earn consumer trust and rebuild the brand image. The following types of videos could help e-commerce companies: 

    1. DIY Videos: A large segment of users are exploring the world with the help of ‘Do It Yourself’ videos to make the best use of the products they are purchasing online. 

    2. Testimonials: Days of text testimonials are almost over as videos are catching up. With the help of testimonials videos, you can build trust and credibility for your brand. 

    3. Videos describing Products: Customers prefer 360-degree product videos over lengthy text descriptions that appear on websites. Therefore, you should utilize digital videos to demonstrate and educate customers about the features and benefits of the products. 

    4. Videos about the Brand: Although videos have been used for branding, the post-Covid world has seen unprecedented growth in brand films. Short brand videos could help the organizations reignite curiosity among consumers by educating and informing them about its offerings, legacy, etc. 

    5. Informational & Educational Videos: Online users are searching for short and crisp information. With educational videos, you could definitely become their first preference. Offer your visitors meaningful information and education to convert them into loyal customers.  


    The proliferation of digital devices coupled with reducing data and broadband charges has enhanced video content consumption online. As consumers evaluating purchase options on multiple parameters before pressing the 'Purchase' button on account of the Covid-19 pandemic, e-commerce companies can use digital videos to provide them with the right content to take them forward on their buyer journey. With professionally-made videos, e-commerce companies can showcase the features and benefits of their offerings in a better way and acquire and retain their customers efficiently. 

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      • June 29, 2021

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