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    Boost your customer responsiveness  with AI-powered chatbots


    Boost your customer responsiveness with AI-powered chatbots

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    Increased globalization has enabled brands from any part of the world to enter markets spread across the globe. This has resulted in enhanced competition among the brands for market share. Brands are leaving no stone unturned to retain and grow their customer base to ensure continued growth and stay competitive. All this has resulted in an enhanced emphasis on customer responsiveness. Brands are expected to respond to customer queries and complaints promptly and satisfactorily. Customers also want brands to meet their needs for more information about their products and services and address their grievances 24x7.

    Round-the-clock customer care centres came into existence in the 90s to address this challenge. To a large extent, they enabled brands to raise customer satisfaction levels, but now the considerable cost of managing them is posing another challenge for brands.

    In such a scenario, once again, technology has come to the rescue of brands. Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots have started taking off some of the workloads of customer care centres nowadays. They can interact and answer basic questions and inquiries and lend extra hands to the brands having a limited workforce to manage customer queries. The chatbots provide 24/7 call centre support, which could not have possible otherwise.

    Contrary to the popular perception, brands can build their such chatbots at much lower costs. Companies like Google and Facebook have openly sourced their endeavours, enabling businesses to develop advanced AI applications cost-effectively. The most commonly used AI platform to create chatbot is through Google Assistant, which provides virtual assistance that engages the customers in a two-way conversation. GA initially made its debut exclusively on the Google Home Smart speaker, but now has extended to both Android and IOS devices. It ensures a meaningful interaction with customers, comprehends their requirements and provides aid almost instantly.

    Here’s what AI-powered chatbots enable brands to do.

    • Provide necessary information about product and services to customers
    • Help customers with e-commerce purchases
    • Make marketing campaigns more effective by asking a relevant set of questions
    • Enable customers to book flights and receive relevant information

    Highly-user friendly, cost-effective and easy to develop and implement, AI-powered chatbots are transforming the way brands interact with their customers. Click here to get in touch with our experts to develop an AI-powered chatbot today!

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      • The Strategist
      • October 21, 2019

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