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    White Label Artificial Intelligence (AI) ChatBot

    In the world of very lonely and time starved consumers an AI bot represents the friendly assistant who can help you find the answers they are looking for.

    In the world of very lonely and time starved consumers an AI bot represents the friendly assistant who can help you find the answers they are looking for.

    White Label Artificial Intelligence (AI) ChatBot

    Chatbots have evolved into essential tools for marketers owing to a wide range of benefits they bring along. They are systems that we interact with via text or voice interface. The best thing about them is that they are always on and send in responses round the clock unlike email, social media and live chats. With the AI or Artificial Intelligence going mainstream, they are nowadays increasingly getting highly advanced and powered by this ground breaking technology.

    How AI will shape marketing in 2020
    • 80% of marketers predict that AI will significantly influence the way they market their brands
    • Round the clock customer care with AI-powered chatbots will become a norm
    • AI will be used to analyze consumers’ perception about brands and determine appropriate responses
    • Email marketers will be able to understand respondents better and devise customized messaging with AI

    At Pulp Strategy, we have recently launched our very own White Label AI ChatBot. This AI-based Chatbot understands every query, gives personalised responses and even takes a note of past conversations, which ultimately leads to improved conversations in the future. The AI Chatbot technology has the potential to bring pathbreaking changes in the way marketers interact with their customers, and the launch of our White Label AI ChatBot is a significant step in this direction.

    Amazing features
    to facilitate the efficient customer experience

    Make providing an amazing customer experience more manageable and cost-effective with cutting-edge features.

    • Choose from 3 UIs

      Choose from 3 UIs

    • Plug and Play for your website

      Plug and Play for your website

    • Google Cloud integration

      Google Cloud integration

    • Dialogue flow framework

      Dialogue flow framework

    • Image integration in conversations

      Image integration in conversations

    • Integration with platforms like Facebook and Twitter

      Integration with platforms like Facebook and Twitter

    • Python/NodeJs based APIs

      Python/NodeJs based APIs

    Immense possibilities
    to fuel your marketing efforts

    Engage your customers better and generate more business, while keeping your costs low.

    • Lead Capturing

      Give accurate information and capture leads in real-time

    • Lead Qualification

      Bring down the cost of qualification of leads and enable the sales team to concentrate on sales closure

    • Multimedia Response

      Respond via video, image and rich media

    • Multilingual Support

      Engage your customers in multiple languages

    • Analytics

      Get accurate customer insights to fuel your sales effort

    • 24X7 Customer Support

      Cut costs by avoiding multi-shift infrastructure and overheads, and improve customer support

    • Real-Time Query Handling

      Handles questions accurately on a large volume of questions

    Apt for a wide range of industries

    Customise easily to meet the specific needs of your brand and customers.





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