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Trails of India


The objective was to take biking to its long deserved space and stature in the country, fuel the growing passion for motorcycling across India by building an exclusive social hub on mobile and web platforms for the bikers, by the bikers to whom travel and journeys have always been more important than destinations alone.

We strategized to converge all the information young urban riders, motorsport enthusiasts, dynamism seekers who own small to medium cc bikes (mostly 100-500cc plus others) seek on a singular platform, functionally packaged, to appeal to bikers’ sensibilities and help them pursue their passion more seriously.

The creative concept led to blending technology with reality in the right proportions to create a singular and personal digitally powered social hub for avid motorcyclists, differentiated from the current generic personal and social networking portals, and paired with a lightweight mobile app which proved to be the perfect 24X7 riding companion for a two-wheeler enthusiast.

Trails Of India was launched forth with integrated marketing. Social media expertise combined with on-ground activations proved to be the perfect launchpad for the campaign.


Reaching out to a target audience of passionate motorcyclists, across lifestyle segments was imperative to promote riding as more than just a utilitarian pursuit, but affluent riders within the age group of 18 and 30 years became our primary focus for being the ones who inspire, influence and set trends. They included different genres of riders which included Young Urban Riders | Dynamism Seekers | Motorsports Enthusiasts | Bikers who prefer to make a style statement.


Details that a behavioral research analyses of two-wheeler riders established:

Motorbiking is becoming increasingly popular. It is a passion of a segment of people who know and understand the technology of the machine they own or aspire to own. This digitally savvy, niche segment is spread across the country and is on a constant lookout for like-minded people to share their interest and passion with. But with various barriers in communication like age, geographical, linguistic differences, there is no homogeneity.

The Gap: A single platform which brings everything motorbiking to a common place; allowing riders to live, share, connect with their passion every single moment.


Fill the gap by creating the largest peer-to-peer information exchange lifestyle platform for passionate bikers, keeping human, real and unique experiences as the focal point.

Bring motorcycling journeys and related bike lifestyle details to surface to eventually allow bikers to celebrate their passion, together.

Creativity and Innovation:

Design a virtual space dedicated to add value to the lifestyle of avid motorcyclists, which not only allows bikers to express but also addresses the challenges they face while exploring this gorgeous country!



When biking experiences met technology, it gave birth to Trails Of India which is not just a portal available across web and mobile space, but a highly personal lifestyle product proving to be a perfect 24X7 riding partner which inspires you to go that extra mile and maybe more!

Trails Of India is a dedicated website and is paired with Android and iOS Mobile applications which leverage latest technology offerings for a biker to achieve various tasks even in zero-connectivity zones across the country.

– Integrating the latest technology using Google Maps, bikers can create live maps for others to use.

– Mark out relevant check-ins, pit stops, refueling stations.

– Save and share motorcycle journeys.

– Explore new routes and credible information.

– Get details on the latest biking technology.

– Bring their motorcycle groups online.

– Author personal biking stories with pictures and videos.

– Build their online garage to flaunt the collection of their machines.

– Purchase world-class riding gear and accessories; aftermarket parts; and tyres.

– Connect with other bikers and share motorcycling know-how.

– Chat. Discuss. Share. Travel More!

Trails Of India is a one-of-its-kind crowdsourced platform where every bit of information flows in from the riders and for the riders!


We carefully constructed an integrated campaign which captured the user journey, from excitement to platform adoption, in an environment charged and imbued with the spirit of motorbiking.

Cornerstone of our approach: Develop a content strategy which ensures that the information crowdsourced reaches many and hence we started by mapping 200+ popular riding groups to identify the influencers and seed content through them to get higher WOM and create brand advocates.

Peer-to-peer invitations went out at a rapid pace as Trails Of India became known and bikers began to explore this online platform.

Multiple events were planned, to connect with riders on the ground. Experiences were brought online which proved to be unprecedented conversation starters across different digital mediums.

Many riders created Live Trails which were featured on the website, for other community members to follow.

Gradually and strategically, the communication evolved with lifestyle based insights and content supported by vivid graphics was channelized across platforms.


India’s biggest peer-to-peer lifestyle network came to life. Capturing the collective imaginations and attention of bikers, Trails Of India celebrates everything motorcycling stands for.

It is a blend of technology, individual human experience and the community of bikers.

Our content reached the timelines and newsfeeds of 35+ million consumers on the day of launch, generating 18+ million conversations within the first week.

Presently we have 20,000+ users accessing the site to gain information and live their passion every day!

5000+ crowdsourced content pieces and the best ones are being featured one at a time!

Till date, Trails Of India accumulated earned PR worth 1.5 crores with Mint covering our mobile app as the best in January 2016.

Trails Of India has successfully established biking as a passion to be pursued on ground and off it, in the virtual realm too. It has unified bikers into a single cohesive community and brought recognition to biking as a way of life.