Business Enquiry

MS Lync


Brief:The objective was to create awareness around MS Lync at different locations of Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS) through EDMs and on-ground activation to help promote the adoption and usage of MS Lync as a medium of communication.

Solution:To set the tempo, teaser EDMs were sent out by Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS) two days prior to the activity, to all the employees with a sneak peek into the event and instant gratifications, with one being sent one day prior for stall announcement. Creative danglers and posters were also deployed a day before the activity at key visibility locations, within the premises. As the promoters prompted employees to take the product demonstration and participate in different engagement activities, the engagement increased at a brisk pace. A quiz around the features and benefits of Lync was also executed and winners were gratified with cool MS Lync and Cognizant branded goodies.

Results:MS Lync emerged as a simple, intuitive and immersive medium of communication. A viable tool for communication, the activity around MS Lync lasted over 10 days across 9 cities with a phenomenal outcome of more than 3.3 thousands demos and an estimated reach of 0.09 millions. As a result, CTS generated huge advocacy for product adoption with the employees endorsing the benefits of MS Lync as a better communicator.