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Learn with Yahoo


Internet usage in India was set to double. The aim was to position Yahoo as an enabler to the Internet for new-to-net users.

We focused on shifting Yahoo’s perception from that of a known stranger to ‘my close companion’ and ‘my gateway to the Internet world.’ Learn with Yahoo emerged as a platform for engagement, learning and customer acquisition, installing the platform in the shared computing space with easy access, creating and training mentors from among the café owners to keep costs under check. Powered by India’s leading computer education provider NIIT, with a renewed focus on the new-to-net consumers in the tier II and III cities of India, it reached out to millions of new-to-net consumers with an outreach experience of the brand Yahoo.

The program module was a 60-minute e-learning window to the Internet by Yahoo which drove a real value offering for consumers. The program had an 11.5 million consumers session outreach with 0.51 million consumers acquired who completed the module and received an e-Certificate in their personal Yahoo mailboxes.