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Get social with Google


Brief:Google India wanted opinion leaders within the early adaptor youth- 18 years to 24 years of premier business and engineering schools in India to try, use and get to play with Google+ within their natural environment.

Strategy:The first ever-live marketing challenge by G+ for the top 41 Ivy League management and engineering campuses in India with the vision of making G+ and YouTube their official destinations. A simulated program, which gave students an opportunity to design, deploy and assess their own marketing campaign and plans. It was also a great way to embrace social media and have fun all the way, as students get hands-on experience. The Google+ goodies box was specially packaged with delightful merchandise, swag and custom to campus creative communication which had something for everyone at campus. Goodies like backpacks, t-shirts, sippers, notebooks, custom posters, custom bookmarks, wristers, as well as cushions, branded chocolates for campus hostels. It was a great opportunity for the student ambassadors to evangelize Google+ in their campus communities.

​Results:88% of the Ivy league campuses targeted were officially on Google+ and YouTube. 2.4 million users for Google+ came about via the initiative.  450+ student ambassadors were identified in these campuses.