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Celebrations Unlimited with Windows 7


Software piracy has a significant impact on product, users, stakeholders and the economy In India. Piracy levels are pegged at 68 percent by industry sources. For a product like Windows, which is an operating system, it means that people are buying the product BUT it’s pirated version which not only means loss of revenue but more importantly a bad product experience in the pirated version as a patchy unsafe product, is rampant. IT hubs get maximum footfall of the customers everyday for purchase of IT products like laptops, OS and other software. It is not unusual for the small shopkeepers to push a pirated product for a minimal gain of a few hundred rupees.

With the festival season around the corner, a time when the Indian consumer goes into a purchase overdrive in comparison to the rest of the year, Microsoft India wanted to connect with consumers to leverage the occasion while upgrading and promoting sales, our “Celebrations Unlimited” campaign clubbed information, engagement, retail and channel partners, and the closure of the sales-cycle while positioning the Microsoft Ground Demonstrators as neutral advisors. This ensured that the cycle of closure was tight as well as result oriented.

Conversations, awareness and the promotional offer added to the impact, resulting in an impressive 10% positive increment in sales as compared to the rest of the market!