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    6 Evolving trends in mobile marketing

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    Mobiles have become a part of our daily lives. It has become the key component for communication, shopping, and getting updates about the world. As technology advances, marketing progresses forward along with it. One of the popular forms of marketing today is mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is a multi-channel, digital marketing strategy that targets the audience globally through their smartphones or tablets, via ways of SMS, social media and apps etc. 

    A business needs to adopt mobile marketing to offer its goods and services to people around the globe by leveraging mobile devices. It will help the company to connect with the consumers and attract their attention in purchasing their products via mobile shopping. Since the world of marketing is dynamic, the trends of mobile marketing also keep on changing. So, here are some evolving trends in mobile marketing mentioned below:

    1. Mobile ads depending on Location

    Location-targeted ads have become a great way to initiate customer engagement. With the help of Bluetooth technology, businesses can target a customer and promote their products, when he/she is in reach of the location targeted advertisements. This is an adequate option for a business to cut off the marketing noise and provide offers that satisfy shoppers’ demands.

    2. Creating user-generated content

    User-generated content like images, audio and text can drive your business to a higher position (higher position = more profits). Creating good user-generated content will initiate a rise in the reliability rate, sales, and reputation of your enterprise, whereas negative content can do the opposite. So, always think wisely before developing user-generated content.

    3. Introducing Augmented Reality (AR)

    Augmented Reality (AR) has taken the marketing industry by storm. Nowadays, every business has introduced AR technology in their operating framework to create a wonderful marketing experience among the customers. 

    This technology has advanced the manner of online or in-store shopping. Now shoppers can use the “try before they buy” feature at their homes or anywhere else with the help of AR. The AR assists the customers to try on the product before they buy it. Thus, AR has helped both the company and consumers by reducing the traditional marketing costs for companies and simultaneously providing support to shoppers in making a wise decision to purchase a product

    4. Chatbots for marketing

    Chatbots have become a trend in the world of marketing. The companies use chatbots as they provide 24x7 customer satisfaction, and can conduct surveys, make reservations, cancel orders etc. These chatbots work when artificial intelligence and pre-programmed scripts join forces. This technology has cut down on a business’ time, money, and staff costs.

    5. Voice search use

    Have you ever heard of Siri or Cortana? You might have. They are the virtual assistants that are always available whenever you call out their name. These virtual assistants use your voice and analyse it, to provide search results regarding your query. Marketers have to target long-tail keywords to catch the speaker’s style of conversing over the writer’s way of abbreviating. 

    6. Growth of Mobile Commerce

    Mobile commerce or m-commerce has been growing steadily. With the availability of smartphones and tablets, people are harnessing the internet for their specific uses. As the Covid-19 pandemic reduced the in-person experiences and introduced the idea of stay-at-home or work-from-home, people have become comfortable with online shopping to satisfy their needs. Due to this, every day the scale of mobile commerce or m-commerce rises.

    The world of digital marketing is complex and constantly changing; it is becoming more competitive and profitable due to digital ads becoming shorter. New ways of gathering user data and targeting relevant ads via mobiles are increasing. Mobile marketing is growing at a faster rate than any form of online marketing. Marketers have to stay ahead of their game when it comes to utilizing mobile marketing to understand the customers better, initiating more conversions and building businesses that surpass the limit of excellence.

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      • The Strategist
      • October 19, 2021

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