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    Mastering Video marketing to boost visibility

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    What is Video Marketing?

    What's better than a thousand words? A million. At least that’s what video marketing is all about: integrating engaging videos into your campaigns to give them more power and impact. Video marketing is a powerful tool for marketers to promote their brand, services or products. It can be used as an effective medium through which how-tos may be presented and customer testimonials promoted. It could even serve the purpose of live streaming events and delivering viral (entertaining) content. A video is an excellent tool for landing pages, emails and encouraging purchases as it captivates the users' attention. Adding embedded video in the emails would be worth the effort, and your readers will have something new to look at. Similarly, adding videos on your website with a powerful CTA will push your readers down the sales funnel and increase brand visibility. Video increases conversion rates by over 80%. Even just mentioning it in your title can increase open rates by 19%. In addition, 90% of customers also say that videos help them make buying decisions.

    Facts about Video Marketing

    Videos have a compelling way of fostering engagement by yielding results like click-throughs, shares, lead generation and sales. It is one of the best ways to bring exposure to your brand while helping you achieve your bottom line. Some noteworthy facts around video marketing include:

    • According to Hubspot, mobile video consumption increases by 100% every year on Youtube.
    • RendrFx reports 92% of mobile video consumers shares videos with others. 
    • 90% of users say that product video helps them in decision making.

    To help you achieve higher engagement and increase brand visibility, brands need to hire a video production agency, video production services or video marketing agency.

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    Video Marketing Trends

    Real-time shopping Video - Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have shoppable video content available for limited creators, making the millennial generation suffer from a major fear of missing out. Real-time shopping is a fantastic boon to help them deal with this issue.

    Product Videos for Landing Pages/ Website:

    Videos on your landing page or website can do a great job of setting the tone and mode of the entire site. This means that people will be more receptive to seeing what you have to say, leading to better results! For example, if you're into e-commerce, you've probably produced videos for the items your business sells. These online product pitches give viewers a better understanding of what they'll be spending their money on and help reduce disappointment or bad reviews because expectations are set more realistically.

    Live Videos: 

    As of 2021, the average person watches over 2 hours of videos per day. It has led content creators to come up with fresh content, and today there is no dearth of options. In such a situation, reaching out to potential customers would be best through live videos. With live videos, brands can expand their reach and easily connect with receptive audiences.

    Cross Promoting Video Content: As a brand, you will be investing significant efforts in creating and posting videos. The best way to maximize the gains on your endeavour is by cross-promoting content across multiple digital platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. Platforms can fail to build traffic after a point, so it's important for brands not just rely on one platform when marketing their products or services online. Have a look at our professionalvideo production services.

    Slow-motion Videos:

    In this fast-pacing world wherein people's attention span has reduced, a slow-motion video can break the loop as it makes the video more cinematic and attracts the attention of viewers with its artistic shots. Slow-motion videos produce the most engaging content and are extremely popular on Instagram. These catch the viewer's attention in a matter of seconds and can be created with the help of a video making company.

    Testimonial Video: 

    Mobile video consumption is rising, with a five-year increase seen in people above 45 years of age. These are typically more likely to rely on word of mouth when making a purchase decision, so an effective way to capture their attention would be by creating satisfied customer testimonials for your company or product.

    Video Sequencing:

    The process of connecting video content with the appropriate, relevant ads is called video sequencing. For example, a potential customer can be added to a targeted ad campaign when they watch enough videos in your funnels, and you find that their interests match those related to what is advertised on each individual clip.

    Types of Video marketing

    1. Time-Lapse Videos - Time-lapse is creative filming and video editing technique that manipulates how frame rate is captured. Frame rates can be stretched out or sped up in time-lapses, making it possible to create videos that appear faster than they actually are when played back at an average speed. This trickery comes from having different playback speeds for individual frames on-screen during playback of your clips (frame by frame).

    2. Commercial Videos - Commercials are a powerful tool for advertisers wanting to reach an audience on every level. They can be used in television, online video and print commercials that help brand awareness while also educating customers about your products or services. It is an effective way to get your brand's message across. They're story-driven, capture audiences' attention with compelling content and empower them by delivering a powerful message that embodies what you stand for as well!

    3. Educational Videos - Education video content plays a critical role in building strong brands. As a marketer, one of your main goals is to create a credible reputation for your brand in the eyes of consumers with branded videos. They're becoming increasingly popular as a part of the strategic plan, and it's easy when you know how! Educational videos are a way of delivering information engagingly and creatively. This makes them ideal for different situations where you want your target audience educated, such as when marketers use educational videos to explain products better than ever before by partnering with a video content agency

    4. Social media videos - Videos have become one of the most popular ways marketing companies can communicate their brand message. They can be highly engaging without being too in-your-face like traditional ads or commercials on television. You can incorporate visual media to reel in customers and keep them entertained. A good way of doing this would be by telling the story behind one of your products, or even better yet - how it has helped someone else with their problems. The video should appeal not only on an emotional level but also through logical reasoning; there must be some kind of relevance between what's being shown and why viewers might want it.

    5. Live Streaming Videos - Live streaming is no longer a novelty for marketers, and live video has changed the way brands interact with their audiences. A strategy of engaging viewers in quick, authentic ways through this medium can create an otherwise difficult-to-reach customer demographic that may not have been interested or accessible via other social media formats before now. A recent study showed 28% more investments towards live streams when compared to traditional methods (like Facebook Live)

    6. Interactive Videos - Interactive videos are a digital innovation that allows the viewer to interact while watching. It includes clickable points, often named "hotspots", and act when clicked on. The "action" can be anything from jumping back in time or forward into an event not yet experienced by you; opening another file for more information about what is happening within this video clip - all without leaving your seat!

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    Conclusion – 

    In today's marketing environment, video-based strategies are a powerful tool for communicating one's message. With a video marketing company, videos can be personalized and tailored specifically to each customer base. The individualized thought process of developing trust within the brand has become more crucial than ever before. Marketing in today's world of technology is all about being unique, but it takes more than just standing out to succeed. You need your marketing efforts working together with the rest of who you are so that people can recognize what sets you apart from everyone else. It will ultimately create conversations, enhance brand recognition and boost brand trust. 

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