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    Unleash the power of YouTube Ads & grow your business

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    The online video sharing platform, YouTube has over 2 billion users, of which 79% of them have their own account, 50% of people are watching more videos on this platform every year, and around 800 videos are uploaded every minute. It is the second-largest social media platform and the third most visited site after Google and Facebook. This makes this social media platform a fertile ground for brands and marketers, to promote their products and connect with their consumers. It is also a platform that opens up to new opportunities that can give you leads, aid in sales, give you more followers on your social media platforms, or simply expand your brand awareness.

    Brands are making the most of YouTube’s massive reach to create awareness, and ultimately, drive results at scale. It is no rocket science to build up your presence on YouTube and achieve your reach with your consumers.
    First of all, we need to understand what kind of ads that this platform offers, and then learn how you can gain the most from your video content.

    There are six kinds of ads that are offered by YouTube. These are:

    1. Display ads
    2. Overlay ads
    3. Skippable video ads
    4. Non-skippable video ads
    5. Bumper ads
    6. Sponsored cards

    Here, display ads are ads that appear on the right side of the feature video, just above the suggestion list. These ads are managed from within AdWords, allowing you to double up with the display network for maximum reach. On larger players, these ads may appear below the player itself. Overlay ads are semi-transparent ads that appear as banners on the lower portion of the video. These ads can appear as simple texts content or come with an image. Skippable ads, also known as TrueView ads are ads that appear before the main video starts, or in between it, or after it ends. These ads come with a skip button, which allows the viewers to skip after appearing for 5 seconds. These ads are said to be the safest investment for sponsors on YouTube as they have to only pay for when these ads are being viewed 30 seconds or more. Whereas, non-skippable ads, are ads that a viewer cannot skip and has to be watched before the video can be viewed, and have a time limit between 15 to 20 seconds. Similarly, these ads can appear before the video starts, in between it, or at the end of the main video. These ads are paid for on a cost per mile/thousand (CPM) basis that is the payment is paid for on one thousand impressions or views. Bumper ads are non-skippable ads that are of up to 6 seconds that are to be watched before one can view the main video. These ads are also paid based on a CPM basis. Sponsored Cards are small call to action (CTA) pop-ups that appear within the player that display content that are relevant to the video.

    Now that we have understood the different ads that can be used to promote your business on YouTube, let us now learn how to use them to optimize our reach and connection.

    To make your ad stand out and be viewed, and ultimately gain the attention of the viewer, making them your potential consumer, you will need a strong and creative content to be displayed. There are agencies, such as Pulp Strategy that offers you a fully integrated digital marketing solution that covers all your need to get the maximum mileage. From creating content for your ads to getting them displayed on YouTube, you get the full package. The video, or content, are created in the same way any TV ads are made based on the requirement.

    Pro Tips:
    • Video should be short – advisably less than 1 minute
    • Leave a link to your website on the description
    • Reply to the comments, or encourage a conversation
    • Post your video on other social media sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter
    • Write an article on your video and share it with online magazine or forums
    • Email your video to your contacts, potential customers or clients

    Getting the audience to feast on your content and make it a trending topic to discuss, which encourage more viewership, the video displayed should have a message that connects with them and not just to sell your brand or product. Stories can either be on topics that are trending, or it can be a simple message of support to a social cause. Videos should be short – preferably under 1 minute. Your content has to be compelling, such as providing a solution to a challenge that your audience is facing, or make them desire to want what you are offering, or simply something that they want to achieve or accomplish. Videos should come with catchy and interesting headlines that will entice the viewers to click on the video and view it. The thumbnail of the video should also be interesting to catch the viewer’s attention. To drive traffic to your website or a dedicated online portal, you can add a link on the description that leads the viewers to the site.

    With the astounding numbers of viewers that seek entertainment, information, inspiration, or simply learning a new skill on YouTube; undoubtedly, makes it a must-be-present platform for brands. Over 90% of people say that they discover new brands and products via YouTube, and more than 50% of online shoppers said that YouTube video has helped them to decide the specific brand or product that they should buy. Hence, YouTube ads provide an opportunity for your business to stand in front of your potential customer. Therefore, it is best that the content you are presenting should be relevant, compelling, and have the right information that will drive your audience to you. Once you get them right, you will find that YouTube is not only a video sharing platform but a social media network.

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      • The Strategist
      • December 1, 2020

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