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    Tools to improve your SEO in 2021


    Tools to improve your SEO in 2021

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    Over the years, technology has evolved and along with it so is the same with search engine optimization (SEO). With AI-enabled features such as voice assistant, we have witnessed the quick and expected change in the SEO landscape. You are aware of the importance of positioning your website on the top of Google SERPs ranking. A well-ranked page invites an enormous number of organic reach and increases the possibility of attracting and converting leads. As we enter 2021 let us have a look at some of the trends that digital marketers are going to be using for their SEO:

    User Experience

    It is all about the experience. However, that experience is going to be more improved with proper channelizing with UI/UX design. User experience is vital for the success of SEO strategy. It is important to note that such satisfaction does not depend only on qualified and relevant content. It is necessary to offer a complete experience. Looking ahead to 2021, user experience is expected to have a more prominent impact on search engine rankings. Google is updating its search algorithm to include user-centered metrics called Core Web Vitals, which puts a greater emphasis on user experience. It measures web usability such as load time, interactivity and accessibility across devices and platforms, and sites that can provide this experience and in turn receive better search visibility.

    Mobile SEO

    To be at par in the market businesses have updated their website to a responsive design, which enables a website to function smoothly on any gadgets, especially mobile phones. Since 2019, Google has been analyzing the mobile pages of websites as the primary versions, leaving the desktop versions as secondary. Therefore, Mobile SEO is key to your strategy’s success and becomes even more relevant in 2021. This is because the number of people who access the internet from smartphones does not stop growing. Also according to a study by the World Advertising Research Center (WARC), the future will be even more mobile. The expectation is that, by 2025, approximately three-quarters of the world will use just their smartphones to access the internet. The mobile searching experience needs to be as satisfying as it is on computers. Therefore, marketers should be concerned with optimizing all their content and settings for this environment.

    Semantic Search

    The main factor that is going to be the focus of 2021 as per SEO is concerned is, how people use the internet to search for things. In terms of search engines, semantic search refers to how search engines break down data to determine the context, intent and meaning and then provide the very best and relevant content to users through search results. The best way to improve your site’s semantic search is for you to first understand how and why your user is searching for you on the internet. The best way to boost your site’s semantic search is to develop content that answers to your target market’s question. You will also need to optimize your content for topics that contain keywords and utilize internal linking on your website. More importantly, you need to write for people and not for search engines.

    Interactive SERPs

    Recently Google is testing a search engine results page (SERP) that contain interactive elements like an image that allows users to click and view the images from the web pages. This will impact click-through rates by giving sites with descriptive images a chance to influence the user to click on their website. With this new improvement, it will help users to understand if the content on the website is relevant or not. Hence, the publisher needs to select images that can help the end-users to determine the content. Since it is in its testing phase, it is important to note that when this feature becomes active, brands will need to invest on images that are relevant and accurately depicting the topic of the page that is, using images that precisely communicate the topic of the article.

    Zero Click Searches

    A zero-click search result is when you search something on a search engine, such as Google, and it provides you with the answer at the top of the search results, which makes it easy for you as you need not have to click through to anywhere else. They save time for users and they benefit Google because they improve the user experience by saving them time and keeping them on Google’s page rather than sending them to a third-party website. This feature is evolving and has already become very popular and it is accounted for more than 50% of Google searches last year. For marketers, this feature can be deterrent as they depend on their content for SEO to drive traffic to their website. Fortunately, it is not all gloom and doom, as you can still optimize for zero-click search results. You can start by regularly creating well-optimized content, updating your Google My Business listing, and improving on your website’s user experience, and still optimizes your website for the intended goal of SEO, which is to bring in qualified traffic and make conversions.


    Content is vital to your presence online, and relevant and valuable content will decide your search engine result. The content should give the user a positive experience this is because all factors analyzed by Google’s algorithm are somehow related to the user experience. And for visitors to feel satisfied after entering your website, they need to be contemplated with rich, authentic content that delivers what they were looking for. Hence, it is imperative to create relevant and valuable content to achieve and maintain good SEO results. To gain the user’s interest and influence them to continue browsing on your website, you will need to strategize your content development that meets to the demands of your visitors, and not just those of Google bots. It is worth considering the production of interactive content, which attracts and retains the attention of users more easily. 


    Understanding the latest trends and keeping yourself updated will help you improve your SEO and give your website a rank in the SERPs. It is also vital to understand the SEO trends and adapting to them, as they are fundamentally necessary and will help you in improving the results of your digital plan for 2021.

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      • December 30, 2020

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