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    Social Media As A Catalyst To The CSR Campaigns


    Social Media As A Catalyst To The CSR Campaigns

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    Albert Pike, a writer, soldier and a freemason once said, “What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.” However, the whole idea of philanthropy has undergone a sea-change with the advent of social media platforms. Corporate Social Responsibility, or commonly known as CSR has gone beyond being treated as a tool for rendering social services. In fact, corporate houses and honchos are targeting CSR activities to make way for customer-engagement, intensify the reputation of the brand over the internet which further impels the search engine rankings. Since these CSR activities have a lot to do with the human psyche, they have become more of a well thought of business strategy, capsulising vectors such as content marketing, lead-generation et al.

    CSR Campaigns

    Social media as a future for CSR

    The objective behind carrying out CSR campaigns is to create a mode of communication between business houses and their potential customers. In addition, since the world has gone online, there’s no better way of colligating than deploying social media platforms to exhibit the CSR campaigns; thereby making their business look morally appealing to the whole world. While the whole act might not have yield instant benefits, such programs implemented by corporate houses tend to act as long-term benefits towards building a brand and holding it in good stead, over the internet. A veteran digital media marketing agency would exactly know how to make the CSR campaigns work to one’s advantage through well-planned social media activities. In addition, since most of these CSR campaigns are sentiment-driven, it almost become mandatory to convert them into business leads that generate enough revenue for the concerned organisation. Listed below are user-engagement activities to be carried via social media platforms that could prove to be a game-changer for a business house, in more than one way.

    Social media perpetrations for CSR activities

    The CSR campaigns would hold little meaning for the business houses if they are not converted into measures that could fetch more business for them or simply aid in building a brand reputation, over the internet. Here are a few touchstones set forth by a social media marketing organisation that determines the success of the CSR campaigns on social media platforms.

    1. Delineating the CSR activities undertaken by the business organisation
    2. Defining the objective of carrying out the CSR campaigns
    3. Stating the positive consequences of these campaigns and naming those who’d benefit from the same
    4. Urging followers to spread the word
    5. Monitoring the feedback received and making it work to the organisations’ advantage.

    Social media + CSR campaigns = Mantra for success

    Thus, the crux of the matter is that when the digital media marketing activities are partnered off with the CSR campaigns, they are bound to spell success for the concerned organisation. However, in guise of reaping benefits from such campaigns, one should not forget the real motive behind them. This includes raising awareness about such programs and inspiring more and more people to take up these acts of benevolence. Remember, it’s only when individuals tend to thrive amidst goodness that their businesses manage to reach the stellar heights of success.

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      • The Strategist
      • February 29, 2016

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