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    Pull marketing is the right push for your digital transformation goals


    Pull marketing is the right push for your digital transformation goals

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    In this digital world, orthodox marketing techniques are not enough for accelerating your business growth. You need to get into the 'pull marketing' gear in order to drive desirable traffic on your digital platforms. Pull marketing involves drawing customers to a brand through search engine optimization and other invasive methods.

    Listed below are a few pointers on how you can leverage better results through pull marketing. 

    1. Pull marketing can provide an excellent opportunity for an enhanced digital presence.

    2. SEO allows you to bring your content in front of people searching for relevant keywords.

    3. Apart from social media paid promotions, you can take advantage of other SMM practices like DIY videos, influencer content, product videos, etc.

    4. Blogs provide characteristic insight to the audience about your services or products.

    5. Pull marketing enables you to create a distinct digital personality of your brand.

    Numerous digital transformation services in India are using extensive pull marketing strategies for their clientele and achieving excellence in transforming their digital platforms. We have enlisted four strategies through which you can drive maximum traffic on your platform and make it more engaging.

    Let’s get started!

    Social Media Marketing

    In a cookie-less world, it is not advisable to force-fit your promotions. On the contrary, you can excite the consumer by using subtler social media features. DIY videos, educational videos, influencer collaborations, reels, infographics, product images and even memes can be used to create demand for your product or services. Given the massive social media users today, you are looking at future customers.

    In short, your social media marketing plan affects your digital transformation goals significantly. 

    Search Engine Optimization - SEO

    Search engine optimization provides you with the opportunity to get in front of your competitors and cater to your potential customers' needs. With well-planned SEO, marketers can roll the ball in their court by displaying insightful content around specific keywords. Well-optimized content can reach many people searching for relevant keywords or phrases. These users can transform into your customers and even brand loyalists.

    One of the salient requirements of digital transformation is to deliver solutions to customer queries beforehand. With search engines optimizing your content, you can get in front of your potential customers without being clingy.


    Another helpful method of solving consumer queries is blogging. Blogs are a great way to educate your customers about your products, their usage, insights, product or industry updates, etc. By reading a detailed blog, customers can make informed purchase decisions and can start trusting your brand. The key is to optimize your blogs as per the search engines. Proper SEO blogs will increase the number of people consuming your content and simultaneously enhance your brand awareness and loyalty.

    Inclusive marketing gets the word out

    As the world is getting subjected to new information every day, everyone wants to be morally correct. As a result, brands are looking to connect with people on a personal basis and provide a more inclusive experience on their digital platforms. 

    Inclusive content is one thing, but when ideation, creation and execution of digital marketing solutions come from an inclusive team inside a digital marketing agency, it instills the equity factor within the organization.

    Pull marketing provides a robust platform for your brand to grow organically. The best way to push your digital transformation cart is by pull marketing.

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      • November 29, 2021

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