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    Experiential Marketing

    Open new avenues for enhancing Digital Customer Experience with social media

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    "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step", as ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said. Only today, it begins by instantly reaching for your smartphone or device. CX or "Customer Experience" is a buzzword doing rounds on online platforms and meeting rooms. Many businesses have made a rigorous practice of factoring social media into their daily brand itinerary. Be it high-level strategy or a simple nudge towards brand conversations, social media can help brands understand their customers and transform the brand appeal.

    Consumers have the control panel 

    The modern consumer seeks their own adventure when it comes to brand interaction. From information mining to making purchases to influencing opinions, they want to be a part of every brand activity, both online and offline. This is where the brand must tap the power of going digital; brand, personnel, products and services need to be available omnichannel. What needs to be noted is that although consumers may dictate the kind of experiences they want to have, brands must exercise the ultimate wisdom, strength and resourcefulness. This is possible by strategically investing in consistency, efficiency, and quality across physical and digital spaces. 

    For instance, if you are a cosmetics portal, you can use Augmented Reality (AR) for assisted trial sessions and redirect consumers towards similar products based on shades, prices, discounts, minimal delivery time, etc., in a seamless manner.

    Socially savvy 

    Social media has grown from a strictly 'buy and sell' space to a multidimensional consumer interaction hub. Simply because it is first and foremost social! Brands that have tasted success and growth in the manifold are the ones that have churned brand content in multitudes. From sharing exciting content to celebrating customers to answering questions and complaints and engaging customers through entertaining activities, social media can be used in numerous ways in business.

    Content and Context 

    Social Intelligence can turn online conversations into an excellent tool for deducing consumer insights, analyzing and compartmentalizing consumer bases, and improvising brand messaging. Epic visuals to capture the audience's attention and enthral them is essential, especially for industries like entertainment, fashion, retail, etc. We are at a stage where e-commerce is at its zenith. Compelling and engaging content along with nuanced targeting in popular platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and Vine can go a long way in stirring brand conversations and leveraging connections with the target groups.

    Personalize your marketing 

    Nothing is as heart-rending for a customer as knowing that the brand thinks about them, is there for them, and always looking for ways to improve or add value to their lifestyle. Personalized content can range from push notifications, posts or videos about curated products and services, sending e-vites to special programs, influencer generated content, user-generated testimonials, customer choice based favourites, discounts, offers, referrals, etc.

    Do it now

    Social evolves every single day. There is something or the other which is novel, innovative or inspiring that we get to learn. Brands thinking of coming onboard social media must note that the only perfect time to start with is now. The best thing is that along with the learning curve, brands also get to know what clicks with their target consumer group and what doesn’t. 

    Social media provides a seamless, positive, and complete CX in addition to giving companies a competitive advantage. Businesses can use the big data creatively, adjust their content and social media strategy, eventually driving an improved brand engagement.  

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      • The Strategist
      • September 15, 2021

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