Is Ad Tech the boon your business needs?

The lockdown has brought with it a massive shift in the way business carry out their operations. It has forever disrupted the market by realigning trends, priorities, and customer behaviour. As the nation prepares to embrace this new normal and move towards business recovery with Unlock 1.0, Ad Tech will be seen in a new and positive light.

With consumer behaviour and purchasing patterns transformed forever, Ad Tech will help businesses reinvent ways to keep their customers engaged and acquire new ones. MarTech too will see a rise in popularity, lending marketers the helping hand to plan and execute campaigns, collect and analyse the results, measure and track performance, and apply the insights to future campaigns.

Personalisation will be the key to recovering sales. Ad Tech merges the latest innovative technologies with sufficient personalisation to help increase conversion rates and further business goals. It will enable businesses to indulge in niche level targeting options like hyper-local targeting, audience and contextual targeting, and demographic targeting.

Let us see how these New Age Technologies can help businesses make a comeback in this post-lockdown world.

Virtual Reality

Since pre-lockdown, marketing has been under pressure to adopt innovative tech tools and gain a competitive edge. With online shopping increasing by 55% during the lockdown, the importance of embracing these tools has escalated manifold. Using technology to replicate the retail showroom experience in a virtual environment isn’t just a logical solution but also a cost-effective one. As there is pressure to improve sales, and consumers are reluctant to visit physical stores, VR will be critical in delivering the showroom experience to them anywhere, anytime.

By providing life-like experience to customers via Virtual Showrooms, businesses can fuel virtual product trials and improve consideration. Investments into Virtual Showrooms and Virtual Product Trials have the potential to tell thoughtfully immersive stories and gain the undivided attention of consumers, thus ensuring sales.

Digital Intelligence

The pandemic has thrown our daily lives into chaos. Unexpectedly almost overnight, we are in the midst of a significant shift in Consumer Behavior. Buying patterns have been disrupted, wallets have become smaller and purse strings tighter. Understanding this shift in real-time has become all the more important now.

Digital Intelligence will enable businesses to establish an even deeper level of relationship and communication with consumers. Digital Intelligence will also allow them to predict and even create trends and micro-trends. Based on that, they can make strategic decisions about where to allocate marketing budgets and targets. As a result, they will be able to ensure that the money is spent where it matters the most and realise the desired results.

AR Gaming

As the world lives in uncertainty, avenues of entertainment have decreased, and mobile gaming has seen a spike of 14% in the last 3 months. Augmented Reality Games are relatively new on the marketing scene, but their effect has been very impactful. Their immersive experience will prove to be vital for establishing a much-needed emotional connection with consumers. By integrating AR Games, businesses can develop a fresh new level of interaction with consumers. Through the thoughtful and interactive application, customers will automatically be encouraged to embark on the path to purchase. AR Games will be sought after not only for promoting sales but also for solidifying a brand connect.

Interactive Videos

Rebuilding brand image and re-establishing relevance have been a top priority for companies in Unlock 1.0. With loyalties dwindled to a large extent, gaining customers back will be essential as well as challenging. Arguably a powerful tool to mend that particular roadblock is an Interactive Video. It could be a marketers’ friend in the effort to gain consumer mindshare.

Interactive Videos enable consumer engagement like no other. Studies show a 14% spike in video streaming in the last couple of months. Interactive Videos also convert at significantly higher rates than different types of digital video ads, which will prove vital in strengthening brand image and loyalty. With a majority of the populace spending an increasing amount of time on video platforms, interactive Videos will help deliver broader brand communication goals while providing delightful user experiences.

CRM & E-Commerce

Maintaining uninterrupted communication with audiences will be crucial for businesses to succeed in Unlock 1.0. CRM will provide them with multiple channels to connect with their core audience. Providing a seamless user experience through well-planned ecommerce website development will be critical in retaining and gaining consumers. Integrating CRM into e-commerce will help them achieve that goal by paring multi-channel communication with a centralised database containing consumer information. It will further assist in delivering thoughtful, personalised messages while exuding solidarity and support. The amalgamation of CRM and E-Commerce will help them provide more convenient user experiences, which will maximise sales.


In this crucial post-lockdown period, consumers research products thoroughly before making purchases. Online research has become necessary to ensure product relevance and discoverability. Chatbots will help improve discoverability while drastically reducing costs. Chatbots will also help promote a brand by providing consumers with information on brand benefits, discounts, and other promotional offers. As striking a relationship with consumers becomes crucial to strengthen the brand image further, Chatbots will help distribute content that communicates the brand messaging forcefully.


As business across the world adjusts further into the new normal, they will need to develop new and innovative ways to reach out to consumers. Since consumers have ample options at their disposal, standing out with solutions that directly fix their current problems will be the key. Brands that created messaging with a positive outlook will see a boost in the number of social media interactions.

MarTech will prove vital in unlocking market opportunities. By bringing creative ways to connect with consumers on a deeper level, MarTech will empower brands to solidify their image and boost sales. It will help communicate a brand’s message in unique ways, which isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s also good business.

These Ad Tech tools will open floodgates of possibilities for brands to bounce back in the post-lockdown world. Ad Tech will see newer heights with its amalgamation of advertising, creativity, technology, and innovation. In a nutshell, the future of Ad Tech looks quite promising in this new normal.

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