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    Gear up for 2021 with Influencer marketing strategy


    Gear up for 2021 with Influencer marketing strategy

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    Short on your budget to create an impactful campaign for your brand or product? Not enough funding to create a short campaign video for social media? Fret no more? There are many ways you can still make the buzz in the market, get your consumers talking about you, and eventually kick in sales. 

    A simple and good old-fashioned word of mouth marketing strategy is what you need. This simple yet effective method is still potent in today’s digital world. However, Influencer Marketing can help you get more social media reach than any other online marketing strategy. 

    We all know what a social media influencer is. He or she is someone who is the new age celebrity on the social media platform. One who has a large fan following and whose interaction gets a lot of engagement. A recent study showed that: 

    • 30% of consumers preferred to purchase products endorsed by social media influencers than a mainstream celebrity. 
    • 70% of millennials prefer products that influencers endorse, especially those they consider as peers. 

    They are very affordable for brands compared to mainstream stars, and they deliver a better ROI. These stars have become a goldmine for brands when it comes to promoting their products and thereby drive in sales. Some brands’ social media marketing strategy revolves primarily around influencer marketing. After all, the ROI in influencer marketing is 11 times more than banner ads.

    But why would you invest in a social media influencer? There are two main reasons that you cannot ignore influencers. Firstly, they carry credibility, and secondly, when the world is hooked to social media to get the latest news, they are the first to appear on anyone’s social media timeline. They cannot be ignored and have a strong influence on their followers. 

    Now you are wondering how you can tap on the potential of influencer marketing? 

    Firstly, you will need to find the best social media influencer online based on a few critical parameters. These include: 

    • Target Audience
    • The geographical location of your market
    • Influencer’s reach or fan following 
    • Influencer’s method of engagement 
    • The industry that the influencer is related to 

    After identifying the core essentials, you need to prepare a campaign plan that is best suited for your brand or product. Things such as video content and how the product is portrayed in the video should be finalized during the initial campaign planning. 

    Key points to be noted:

    #Video Content: Video is the king of content. It is always more interesting to watch and listen to an idea than to read and study it. The target audience often craved exciting videos that keep them hooked with information and entertainment with a short attention span. Hence, video content that influencer comes up should be crisp and compelling. Most videos are created by the influencers themselves, and for the brand, it is either a product placement or mention in the content. However, the content should be approved before they can post it to protect the brand’s interest.   

    #Blog: Blogs are vital today as traditional journals were yesterday. Many influencers maintain a blog that gives detailed information about the content that they shared on their social media platform. This helps them strengthen their bond with their fans and also increase their credibility. The blog is more of an extension of their online persona. 

    #Content Development: As mentioned earlier, the audiences have a short attention span; therefore, the content created should be relevant, entertaining, and informative. Many ordinary netizens become social media influencers overnight because of the content they come up with. As people become more aware and information is readily available, the content developed must be correctly researched and non-biased and steer away from any sensitive issues that the audience may be affected with.  

    The market is evolving, and marketers are struggling to get their voice heard. This is where social media influencers come into play and help the marketeers’ voice be heard by amplifying it across social media platforms. Digital marketing agencies like Pulp Strategy empower you to make the most of influencer marketing. Based on a vast database of influencers and experience working with them, such agencies can go a long way in devising an influencer marketing strategy that can deliver outstanding results for your brands. 

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      • January 12, 2021

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