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    Barco: A story about bright outcomes

    Case Study

    Barco: A story about bright outcomes

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    In the information overload age, the one challenge that every brand faces is – breaking the clutter. What to do differently and what to keep constant is always a dilemma for businesses. It is still better when your consumers are real people with real emotions, you more or less know what will make them tick! But how do you connect with businesses who are interested in everything rational? This is not just an art but also a science. How you communicate matters as much as what you say. Barco has cracked the communication code and discovered a secret formula. What’s it? Let’s explore their B2B communication strategy to know what clicks with businesses.

    Making the brand relatable

    Barco - July - Fb post 9[1]
    Barco - July - Fb post 10

    Opening up Barco to the Indian digital platforms was a little trickier than it seemed. With virtually no presence in the digital media, generating leads was a tall order. So before asking people to invest their time and money in the product, came making the brand relatable. To start with, Barco wanted to create a kind of familiarity in their communication. This would encourage businesses to listen to the solutions Barco had to offer and respond positively.

    Emotional benefits to tangible ones

    To sell the product, the sizzle had to be sold first by making the benefits irresistible to the consumer. Hence, the communications designed talked about tangible benefits for business. A social media marketing strategy was devised to communicate how life-changing Barco’s cross-industry products were. Improving work efficiency at corporates, healthcare at hospitals and security in control rooms were the points Barco stressed on.

    Changing how businesses talk

    Barco - August - Post 10 A
    Barco - July - Fb post 4

    Slowly and steadily Barco’s approach became untied from business jargons and focused on delivering the idea of ‘Bright Outcomes’. Simple and impactful messages were crafted. This unconventional shift of talking simply to the technical crowd opened the gates for Barco in new markets and audiences. In a span of a few months, there were qualitative changes in the leads and an amazing engagement on social media.

    The bright outcome

    The results were nothing short of impressive. The campaigns received 38,78,366 impressions. The content strategy proved to be effective as 3,70,392 users engaged with it. What’s more? Over 1500 leads were generated in just 6 months!

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      • The Strategist
      • November 1, 2018

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