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    B2B brand marketing strategy, all it takes is one good video


    B2B brand marketing strategy, all it takes is one good video

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    Video content marketing is a valuable strategy to help B2B enterprises become customer-centric. The “play” button is the most captivating feature on the web. Creating video content can be quite fruitful for B2B marketers, when the video campaign achieves the much-needed engagement from the company’s target audience.

    For a long time, online videos have been used for product marketing. B2B businesses are now adopting and instilling the concept of video content marketing in their organisations. Despite complicated production processes and limited budgets, video marketing is the standard in the world of digital marketing.

    So, here comes the question, does video content marketing work for B2B enterprises? Let’s get to know some of the ways in which businesses are benefitting from this facet:

    1. Forming deeper connections with potential customers by educating and engaging them

    With the right video content and B2B brand marketing strategy, capturing the attention of potential customers is easy.

    The B2B buying journey is not as straight as it looks. This is the time, where crafting educational videos in the form of recommendations can help in gaining the attention of B2B buyers. Building emotional connect in your video content helps B2B companies to engage and build a deeper relationship with prospective consumers.

    Through videos, business can use their own experience and expertise in their field of functioning and develop videos to retarget leads, acquire more subscribers or new customers, and initiate engagement.

    2. Creating tutorials to help customers understand a business 

    A B2B company can make use of video walkthroughs or tutorials to assist new or existing customers in perceiving their products or services.

    Encompassing video tutorials like easy-to-digest videos (showing the product workflow) in a business is a great way to increase buyer credence in prospects and build a constructive onboarding experience for new customers. 

    To attain upsells, lower churn rate, etc, tutorials on product launches or declaring new updates for a software can be used by a B2B enterprise.

    3. Aligning video content with the right components 

    The video content marketing campaign is successful when its message satisfies the needs of a customer and reaches them at different stages of their buying journey. 

    B2B brand marketing strategy and relevant video content play a vital role in influencing a B2B buyer. 

    Here, are the responses of a buyer at every funnel stage regarding video content:

    • High-funnel stage: At this stage, buyers become unaware of acknowledging or apprehending the downsides of not solving a problem. Thought leadership and industry trend videos help a buyer go further down the funnel, and top of funnel video content like educational blogs perform the best as they appeal to the masses.
    • Mid-funnel stage: Videos on case studies and product overview are beneficial for the buyers who compare products or services, explore their options etc at this stage. 
    • Low-funnel stage: Among all stages of the sales funnel, this stage is the most important for a buyer to make a purchasing decision. Video content such as free demos, tutorials, case studies help the buyer to make an informed choice.

    4. Build brand credibility with customer reviews

    To know whether a brand’s product or service is reliable, potential customers rely on existing consumer reviews and testimonials.
    The reviews appear more believable, impactful or certified to a person, if they are available in the form of videos. These videos aid a prospective customer to know more about the company and check out their services.

    A video content marketing and B2B brand marketing strategy mix are perfect for a B2B company to gain engagement, new clients and quality leads. It supports a business to achieve their goals more effectively and adds value to its identity. Thus, we can say that video content marketing truly works for a B2B enterprise!

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      • The Strategist
      • December 7, 2021

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