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    Augmented Reality opens new avenues for enhancing social media engagement


    Augmented Reality opens new avenues for enhancing social media engagement

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    As social media platforms become increasingly cluttered, it is imperative for brands to continuously do something innovative to catch the users' attention and boost engagement levels. Artificial Reality or AR is being used widely by brands to engage their target audiences on social media. A great idea and flawless execution can help brands make the most of this technology.

    Here’re some of the reasons why using AR in social media marketing campaign can deliver impressive returns.

    1) Makes visualization easy

    One of the major appeals of using AR in your campaign is visualization. AR helps your customers to see the product in a real-world setting and thereby facilitates virtual trials. For example, AR can enable customers to see how a particular piece of furniture might look in their house or how accessories look on them even before buying it.

    2) Grabs Attention 

    AR has proven to hold the attention of the customers more than any other content format. Isn’t social media the whole game of grabbing and retaining attention? Thus, AR lets you improve your click-through rates and increase engagement. However, as AR becomes more and more mainstream, it is crucial for brands to continuously find new innovative ways to use and optimize this technology.

    3) Creating Awareness

    As AR adds a different, unique and astounding element to your social media campaign, it can be a vital tool to increase sales and strengthen the brand image. If appropriately implemented, it has the power to generate a strong buzz about the brand.

    4) Enhanced Engagement 

    Providing unique experiences, AR can hold users' interest for a more extended period than static images and videos, enabling users to engage longer with the brand. It can be included at any stage of the customers' journey, whether it is a presale, point of purchase, or even post-sale. Its use can further be extended to gaming and branded apps, enhancing customer engagement levels.


    1) Have a clear goal for the campaign

    This is a very first step as it helps you to gauge how successful the campaign was. There can be a lot of different campaign goals. Some of the most common campaign goals include lead generation, increasing brand awareness and boosting website traffic.

    2) Tools to use

    The next part of the campaign includes how you plan your audience to interact with your AR campaign. One of the best ways to use AR is print marketing, as it is a great way to encourage your customers to interact with your brand.

    3) Delivery Method

    After setting the goal and which material to use for the AR experience, you need to figure out how the material will be distributed. One can take up some existing and popular methods such as mails, flyers, banners, or one can take up a more creative path such as coasters, package bags, etc.

    4) Have a defined CTA

    You should always include a well-defined CTA in your augmented reality experiences to drive the desired ROI. For example, it can ask the users to subscribe to your newsfeed or maybe check your website to make a purchase.

    5) Have a well-designed image target

    Image target is nothing but a design file automatically detected by the IOS or android device camera, which results in the opening of the AR experience. Therefore, always ensure the display of "opening instructions' in the design to get the best performance and highest interaction rates.

    6) Create Awareness

    Now that everything is in its place and you are ready to start your own unique and innovative AR digital marketing campaign, just start spreading that word. Use different platforms to get the most out of that campaign, such as social media, email, or SMS marketing.

    7) Track, Study & Adapt

    Track, monitor, and retarget wherever possible. Study all the different metrics, such as views and clicks on the CTA button. Use this data to upgrade future experiences and boost your ROI.

    Watch the video below to find out how we helped Avon India draw maximum mileage out of AR. 

    As social media continues to evolve, brands need to transform their strategies to stay competitive. AR is one of the emerging technologies that hold a lot of potential for improving user engagements. If you want to boost your social media engagement to the next level, it can be a boon for you. It could be quirky, trendy and fascinating or just a gimmick. It can help you showcase your products differently, which can further assist you in driving sales and engagement levels. 

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      • September 9, 2021

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