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Moody Men – Thank you for challenging us


In a competitive market, that evolves and grows by the day, it is not very easy for agencies to retain their top-of-the-mind slot in the mind of key brands decision makers and business heads. Agencies have to be on top of their game, coming up with innovative concepts and engaging strategies in a brand/business best interest, but more importantly they need to reach the client-universe and showcase their work in order to generate new business in a difficult market.

In a cluttered market, for young agencies to capture mindshare is an uphill task. Seasoned players capture mindshare and when the opportunity for a ‘Brief’ does come up, a challenger agency is rarely on the invitation list.

To serve both purposes at once, ours – a young challenger agency came up with the concept of ‘Moody Men’.What in body was a product – stress busters that had a human aspect (facial expressions), in essence was a stratagem to capture a significant position in the market, as also in minds of key decision makers in the business.The ‘Moody Men’ were custom-made stress busters that reached key clients and the movers and shakers of the industry, at the start of the financial year. Serving as a greeting, a utility as well as a reminder, ‘Moody Men’ reinforced the presence of our agency as an invaluable contender in the market while also highlighting our strategic, inventive and creative approach to business and promoting brands.

The creative and slightly quirky approach to communication stood out and 73% of decision makers, with whom we connected for the very first time, responded to the communication positively.3 of our most coveted account decision makers responded with direct feedback, giving us an inroad to a new brief within 20 days of having sent out the Direct Mailer! The ‘Moody Men’ mailer in its timing (when it reached the intended audience) and its creative execution delivered a +ve business impact, which in immediate business value delivered over 5000% ROI. However, the impact of mindshare gained among decision makers within the industry has been priceless.