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ISP Program: TimeForNew with Intel


Brief: Intel is a market leader in the microprocessor category and computing solutions. Research showed that consumers’ axis of choice moved from speed to other aspects (form, shape, color, style, UI) compounded by the advent of new sleek, slimmer, and jazzy devices. With low education and fragmented choices at retail, consumer browsing increased considerably affecting the buying cycle. The challenge was to reduce browsing time, educating consumers to make an informed decision towards the right Intel based device purchase, and increasing the footfall conversion rate at retail.

Solution: We wanted to personalize and accustom the showcase of technology to individual skill sets and needs. Consumer insights showed that unbiased advise and redress of the void in information at retail resulted in an enhanced consumer experience, leading to faster adoption and meaningful purchases. Selecting a PC for first-time buyers should fit both, consumer needs and their wallet. Psychometric assessment met technology and delivered a customized experience with a warm and people-centric approach showcasing new devices, packaging exciting offers, as device experts used an interactive and intuitive Psychometric test based app to share useful information while assisting with first-time buying apprehensions.

Result: Creating a meaningful difference in the way consumers chose their technology. In a clutter of devices claiming highfalutin form-factors and jazzy specs we addressed the pain of the lack of trusted, simple and personalized counseling, thereby genuinely adding value. Hence the campaign met our objectives by being deeply rooted in consumer insight, touching consumers at a point when they are at the last mile of the purchase-cycle. It powered a superior retail experience; genuine advocacy for the Intel based technology and enthused consumer decision-making, translating into creating greater brand preference and increased sales for Intel devices.