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During the New year season, Intel wanted a campaign that would break through the clutter and stand out positioning Intel as an enabler of endless possibilities. We came up with #DelightAFriend campaign, a social led brand centric campaign to help brand communicate with the consumers, delight their friends through stirring conversations and spreading cheer. Since the target audience was youth, the twist of delighting their buddies struck a chord with the audiences and the youth instantly engaged with the campaign. The social media was flooded with high personalized messages to their buddies, young minds were recognizing/ talking about their passion and were haring how intel devices helps them do what they love.
The campaign shook the social media spaces and was trending twice on twitter, worldwide. Amongst other gifts, the winning entries received customized sketches from sketch artists featuring the consumer himself, their buddy and an Intel powered device envisaged their winning content. Not only this, a few lucky ones even won Intel devices. This campaign resulted in 2,14,735 conversations across 79 cities in India, 1679.4 average engagement on social media which led to widespread advocacy of the brand, Intel on social media. A high emotional connect helped Intel positions itself as a brand that enabled passions and dreams.