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Website: Hyundai Global Youth Camp


Hyundai’s third Global Marketing Camp saw participation from Indian colleges for the first time since its inception. 30 Indian students were a part of the camp. Other participants included 50 South Korean and Chinese students. Conducted in Seoul, the camp kicked-off with the students exchanging their visiting cards, arranged for them by Hyundai. This was followed by the first event for the camp – the QR race. Teams were divided into three sub-groups and were handed smartphone devices in order to compete in a race that resembled a treasure hunt that was staggered into obstacle rounds. As part of the event, teams spread out all over Coex mall in Gangnam, in order to find clues and get ahead of the others. The sub-contests were a part of the bigger challenge of becoming the Next Best Global Marketer launched by Hyundai. The Website was built on a Drupal platform, with complex CMS that allowed for multiuser updates and access for different campus pages to admins on a need to see basis. Drupal’s taxonomies and core structure made it the CMS of choice for this Enterprise level website.