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The Big Leap


Brief:Philips India wanted to reach out to budding marketers and trendsetters encouraging them to experience as well as promote Philips among style savvy peers at campus.

Solution: The Big Leap was a by-invite-only, live simulation marketing challenge. 525 young aspiring marketers were recruited from 225+ top B-schools and management institutes. They competed against each other in six stages of this fiercebattle to study, capture, engage and dominate their market.Strategies and innovation ruled as styles with Philips gained popularity. The ‘Brat Revolution’ was official with sustained advocacy that helped create brand loyalists with the support of specially created ‘Programs in a Box’ .This in turn gave them the freedom to innovate, create, design and deploy an effective micro product-marketing campaign for the brand. Audiences got to touch, feel and experience the product. Innovation flourished with careful remote mentoring.

Results: The campaign converted campuses into markets and peers into advocates.Young aspiring marketers from the best B-school and management academia took ‘The Big Leap’ which was strategically designed to hone marketing talent by exposing them to real-life challenges that marketers face. Across 7 cities budding marketers applied the 4Ps of marketing to innovate and create engaged brand-loyal communities, bringing about a change in consumer behavior patterns by introducing them to everyday grooming over a long and effective engagement period proving their mettle as accomplished marketers who unleashed the true potential of peer-to-peer marketing for the youth, by the youth. This translated into stupendous consumer engagement on campus as well as on social media.