Write a post-lockdown business success story by engaging your retail partners better

As the Indian economy opens up after more than two months of lockdown owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses will find themselves facing a new set of challenges. Generating sales at the shop floor level will be an uphill task due to lower footfalls and strict implementation of social distancing measures. Moreover, consumers will not be willing to spend money on shopping like they used to before the pandemic. Such a scenario will require your retail partners to work hard to achieve sales.

How can you encourage them to leave no stone unturned in selling your products? A technology-enabled Retail Engagement Program can be a great way to make retailers a part of your post-lockdown business revival.

Such a program will inspire them to recommend your brand to the consumers instead of that of the competition, push your other offerings and share convincing content like how your product is hygienically manufactured and transported to safeguard consumers’ health to persuade them to place orders.

Let’s take a look at how a technology-enabled Retail Engagement Program can help you to achieve all this and more.

You can enable your retail partners to enrol themselves via a user-friendly app from anywhere in India. All they will be required to do is fill the business details and upload the picture of their store along with its geographical coordinates. With a little help in using the app provided by your salesperson, retailers will ready to use it in no time.

The next step will be validation, which can be done by your sales team. On successful validation, retailers can start updating their sales on the app, which can again be tracked at your end. Every sale made by the retailers will entitle them to earn a specific number of points, which will be added to his point tally on the app, which he can track from anywhere, anytime.


The app will keep the retailers engaged on a day to day basis. Regular push notifications about product enhancements and new schemes will keep them updated. The Leader board will help them track their rankings. The content on Product, Schemes and Engagement initiatives will enable them to plan their sales accordingly and enhance their earnings. In case they have a query, they can use the Help Desk feature to get it resolved quickly. Using the data shared by them while enrolling, you can send them gifts on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Besides, you can launch focused schemes based on the point accumulation history of retailers.

Reward and Recognitions

The points accumulated by retailers can be easily redeemed for exciting gifts via the app. You can upload a multi-choice gift catalogue to help them choose the best gifts to redeem with the points earned by them. A gift tracking mechanism can also be made a part of the app, which will facilitate end-to-end tracking of gift deliveries just like those provided by leading e-commerce companies. The best-performing retailers in a given time frame can be recognised by sending exclusive gifts and recognition certificates to keep their motivation levels high.

The post-lockdown business world will be challenging as far as retail sales are concerned. A Retailer Engagement Program powered by cutting-edge technologies can enable you to keep the retailers’ motivation levels high and realise business growth in these tough times.

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