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    Strengthen your CRM with WhatsApp chatbots to counter post-lockdown challenges

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    WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging platforms in India. According to some estimates, there are around 200 million WhatsApp users in India. The credit for its vast popularity goes to its user-friendliness, security, and exciting features that allow users to express themselves better. As its user base grows relentlessly, businesses have started using it to stay in touch with their customers and channel partners.

    With the lockdown gradually opening and businesses looking forward to revival and growth, WhatsApp chatbots can help them bolster their CRM programs. It will enable them to retain their existing customers and channel partners better for a faster recovery. The massive popularity of WhatsApp chatbots can be gauged from the fact that there’re 3 million WhatsApp business users worldwide. Businesses prefer WhatsApp chatbots over other web bots due to a wide array of exciting benefits they offer.

    Data Security: WhatsApp chatbots are secure because of their highly reliable end-to-end encryption.

    Lower costs: They can be built at lower costs in a lesser amount of time.

    User-friendly UI: Owing to a highly user-friendly UI, they provide a seamless experience to the users.

    Simplicity: As most users are already using WhatsApp, they find it easier to use a WhatsApp chatbot instead than other web bots.

    Automation of tasks: From the delivery of requisite information 24x7 to customer support and from follow-up communication to lead generation, they let marketers automate a wide range of functions.

    Offering templates and automated message features, WhatsApp chatbots let businesses connect with their stakeholders in multiple ways.

    1. DM: Direct messages allow businesses to engage their customers better. Upgrading from ‘one-to-many' communication to 'one-on-one' will give them the advantage of providing real-time communication in a very personalised way.
    2. Template-based: Template-based messaging through WhatsApp Chatbots enables businesses to optimise their communication effectively. Businesses can send out messages to customers who have opted in, minimising the volume of sales and support queries received on calls and emails.

    Benefits of WhatsApp CRM Integration

    1. Lead nurturing: WhatsApp chatbots can be used to generate quality leads. For instance, a consumer looking for a refrigerator can easily connect with a brand that he perceives as better than the competition using its WhatsApp chatbot. The chatbot will provide him with the information he needs and address his queries so that he can make an informed purchase decision.
    2. Product demos: In the post-lockdown world, consumers will evaluate the products they want to purchase on more parameters than earlier. The problem is they don’t want to visit the physical stores. If the consumer sees the ‘Request for a Home Demo’ link when he connects with the brand using its WhatsApp chatbot, there are good chances of him opting for it, providing the brand with an opportunity to demonstrate the features and benefits of the product in a personalised way.
    3. Sales follow-up: Consumers interacting with the brand on a WhatsApp chatbot may or may not be looking forward to buying a particular product immediately. Such consumers can be contacted via the chatbot from time to time to increase the chances of conversions. It will help brands avoid annoying customers with repeated calling by telecallers.
    4. Customer support: As customer care centres of most brands nowadays operate with limited staff, providing efficient support has become a big challenge. Customers don’t want to wait endlessly to get the help from a customer support executive on call. They want to avoid visiting the customer care centres that are witnessing long queues due to the limited workforce and social distancing measures. A WhatsApp chatbot can help brands provide quality customer support 24x7 in the post-lockdown world and ensure enhanced customer satisfaction.
    5. Ecommerce Integration: Businesses can integrate their ecommerce websites to the WhatsApp Chatbot so that consumers can make purchases instantly. Exciting offers and deals valid for a limited period can be pushed via the chatbot to encourage consumers to make purchase decisions quickly.
    6. Product Reviews: Incorporating the Product Review feature to WhatsApp chatbots can help businesses get valuable feedback about their products straight from the consumers who have used them. It will help them make the required modifications to their product range and introduce new, improved products to meet consumer needs better.
    7. Orders from Channel Partners: Post-lockdown, there will be a lot of pent up demand that brands will have to fulfil. Also, consumers will demand new products to meet their evolved needs. To cater to these requirements, brands will have to fulfil orders from channel partners quickly. A WhatsApp chatbot can enable channel partners to send their orders to brands effortlessly and get deliveries faster.
    8. Channel engagements: Keeping the channel partners motivated is crucial for the revival and growth of brands post-lockdown. A WhatsApp chatbot can be a cost-effective and faster way for brands to engage them effectively by promoting information on new products, promotional offers, discounts and deals.

    As the economy starts opening after an extended lockdown, brands need to ensure sales to survive and thrive. It can only happen when brands can keep their customers and channel partners happy. WhatsApp chatbots can ensure all this and more by helping brands strengthen their CRM programs quickly and cost-effectively.

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      • The Strategist
      • July 2, 2020

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