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    Navigate the Covid-19 disruptions with virtual events


    Navigate the Covid-19 disruptions with virtual events

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    The ambiguity and uproar triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic made a severe dent into how brands used to engage with their target audience for decades. The $1000 bn event industry was suddenly ravaged by a virus that indefinitely locked the world into confinements. About 60,000 events were cancelled in major 11 major countries, starting with the Mobile World Congress. After that, there was only descent for the industry with 100% cancellations of events and exhibitions in 2020. The Indian event industry employing about 60mn people incurred a loss of about Rs 1Tn. Brands were forced to look for newer ways to engage their stakeholders, including customers and partners. The only way forward for them was to go virtual

    Virtual Product Launch of Shell Coolants

    During the raging Covid pandemic, Pulp Strategy empowered Shell India to launch their coolants range in India. The objective of this virtual launch was to spread awareness about the benefits of the new range and ensure its faster adoption. In a span of barely 2 weeks, we conceptualized a 3D virtual venue design, equipped with an auditorium, a registration desk, multiple breakout rooms, and much more to give the distributors a real-life event feel on their laptops and mobile devices. Watch the video below to find out more.


    The event was well received by the distributor community. Over 500+ distributors attended the event, and 500+ litre of the newly launched range of Shell coolants got pre-booked during the event itself. Moreover, the event provided Shell India with an opportunity to re-establish a connection with their key distributors amid a pandemic.

    Looking forward to organizing a virtual event for your customers and partners? Click here to get in touch with our virtual event strategists.

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      • May 4, 2021

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