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    Leverage Facebook & Instagram Live to create gripping brand content

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    Social media is an essential piece of any business marketing strategy. Social platforms help brands connect with their customers, increase awareness about their brand, and boost leads and sales. With more and more people around the world using social media every month, it’s no passing trend. Having a social media presence makes it easier for customers to find a brand and connect with it. This will help in improving customer retention and customer loyalty. Since developing a loyal customer base is one of the main goals of any business, social media should have a special place in their marketing strategy.

    One of the major benefits of social media is that it helps increase website traffic. By sharing content on social media, brands will be providing users to click through their website and visit it for more information. The more quality content brands share on their social account, the more inbound traffic they will generate while making conversion opportunities. Today, it is almost impossible for any business to thrive without a social media presence. It is a low-cost method of connecting with customers and creating brand awareness.

    Social Media’s Rise in Popularity amid COVID-19

    One of the biggest factors fueling the recent rise in social media usage is a desire for pure fun that can distract people from the seriousness of their situation. Users are not only consuming content; they are also creating it in larger quantities than ever before. There has also been a steady spike in consumer participation, with a fairly big percentage of consumers using creativity apps to deal with boredom.

    The rise of Instagram Reels also points to an uptick in audience participation creativity, with users saying that they appreciate it largely for entertainment and the creative outlet. Brands can respond to this rise in consumer creativity by ramping up their own creativity. A brand's target audience is a lot more likely to be receptive to experimental marketing formats, content, and style.

    Fears of infection and the social restrictions of the pandemic have brought significant changes to the ways consumers interact with social media, driving them to seek more creativity, connection, and inspiring entertainment. Brands should respond actively to the new needs of their target audience by producing fun, positive content that drives creativity and weaves a sense of community. If done nicely, brands are likely to see improvements in customer engagement and brand sentiment despite the difficult marketing environment.

    Why Brands should leverage Facebook & Instagram Live

    Facebook and Instagram Live let brands take their message to potential customers. With the majority of the population constantly checking their feed, Livestreaming will give them the chance to discover brands and their marketing message in a new environment. It's safe to say that Live media isn't going away anytime soon and it's time for brands to get on board.

    Livestreaming will give brands the chance to share their message far and wide and expand their audience beyond just the people in the room. As viewers respond and engage, the Live event will show up on more timelines and news feeds, creating even greater reach. Facebook and Instagram have become such broad platforms that most helpful content can have a place.

    One fine aspect of Facebook and Instagram Live is the ability to talk with viewers in real-time. They can leave comments and immediate reactions. This is a great way to connect with viewers. But it also lets brands ask their followers for their reactions to new ideas or products.

    Live Content is More Attractive

    The concept of live videos is rapidly evolving, and a number of businesses are using it to create a strong bond and connection with their customers. Video content is more visually appealing and easier to grasp. Viewers can remember video content better than other types of content. Live streaming provides a sense of excitement to viewers compared to other content, allowing businesses to grow their online presence. Live streaming video can reach millions of users around the world, leading to better awareness.

    Live video streaming brings with it a host of benefits for brands. With its growing adoption, more brands are expected to use it to encourage active engagement and offer real-time experiences. It’s important for brands to take advantage of this latest social media offering and utilize it fully to connect with their prospects and community in a new way.

    Engaging Your Audience

    What live streaming does best is giving brands a direct channel to engage with their audience, enabling genuine connections. The most crucial advantage of live streaming over any other form of content is the high level of interaction between brands and viewers. When brands go live, they should engage their audience as much as possible to make the most out of the live video.

    The main reason why people join live streams is to be part of something and to connect with brands on a personal level. Without engagement, the audience might drift off to something else that’s popping up on their Instagram notifications or other social media. Live streaming audience engagement is the antidote to our short attention span. When live streaming is interactive and exciting, it will be harder for the audience to look away.

    Interaction is a fundamental element of live video. It’s the number one reason many people watch live streams. Not to mention, it’s a fantastic way for brands to connect with their audience and establish a relationship. Interaction and engagement are at the core of live streaming. Brands that want to create successful live streaming videos and build trust will need to engage their audience on live streams. Taking simple actions can go a long way when it comes to live streaming engagement.

    Keeping your Content in-tune with Current Times

    A stronger focus on positive brand messaging and positioning will help brands ace the Livestreaming game. What brands choose to do now will surely reshape how they conduct business in the future. No matter what content strategy brands build, they should always factor in the ways they can support and help their customers.

    The best way to think about positioning a brand during COVID-19 is by thinking humans first. Displaying authenticity, compassion, and selfless support will help brands to stay on the right side of history. Identifying the trends that are reshaping the way we communicate and do business will help brands craft or devise relevant Live content.

    Maintaining Quality

    Maintaining the quality of Live content is one of the most essential aspects of marketing. A brand's Live content needs to have a clear purpose. Delivery and timing is the last piece of planning necessary for quality content.

    Live video has a lot of moving parts, so testing before streaming is a great idea. Knowing what to look for when testing is half of the battle. An encoder is used to transmit almost all live streams. It is a software or hardware tool that transcodes live videos into streaming compatible formats. Transcoding content will allow brands to it to transmit to their online video platform to stream live or on-demand to their viewers. For brands that want to maintain a good quality of Live content, maximizing the quality of their broadcasts is a must.

    Final Thoughts

    Live videos are possibly the best way for brands to connect and engage with their audiences and strengthen relationships with them. Because of the Facebook and Instagram Live video features, brands can now connect with your audience wherever and whenever. The above-mentioned strategies are not the only ones but are among the best ways to use live videos.

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      • September 2, 2020

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