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    Impact of Metaverse on Digital Marketing and Brands


    Impact of Metaverse on Digital Marketing and Brands

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    Metaverse marketing is allowing brands to upscale creativity and reach their target audience in ways that are exciting and attractive, which is why brands are now shifting towards metaverse for their digital marketing strategies.

    As digital marketing and advertising continue to evolve, so too does the landscape in which they operate. The rise of the metaverse - a network of virtual universes where people can interact with each other and digital content - is one of the most significant trends underway that will have a profound impact on both marketers and brands. Here's a look at how marketing in the metaverse is the biggest opportunity for brands.

    Metaverse – What does it mean?

    Metaverse is more than just a technology; it's an idea that exists through various technologies. Any virtual space can be metaverse. We can describe the metaverse as a virtual world parallel to our physical world. You can create a virtual personality and give it a life in this world. Moreover, you can travel between spaces. Like browsing websites on the internet, you can visit platforms on metaverse, which is why it’s considered a universe.

    Metaverse can serve as a social platform, a video game, or even a shop. You can host virtual parties, buy or sell products, attend meetings, or just hang out with friends. It’s upto your target audience and your creative skills. This is opening an enormous potential for brands with countless possibilities.

    To understand metaverse better, we also need to talk about the technology driving it. Artificial Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are the common technologies used to offer a rich 3D experience. While AR combines the physical and virtual worlds, VR goes beyond it and creates a virtual environment that can be accessed via digital devices.

    Fortnite and Roblox are the most popular virtual social spaces, especially for the younger generation. But, with the increasing popularity of metaverse, the older generations are also getting more excited and interested. They offer brands the opportunity to showcase and advertise their products in a new way.

    Metaverse - A new platform for digital marketing?

    Digital marketing requires continuous and attractive interaction, and metaverse provides just that. From virtual conventions to events and gatherings, everything occurs in this digital universe. Evolving consumer behavior and past experiences are highlighting that the metaverse is here to stay. This is just the beginning and metaverse marketing will slowly become the common norm.

    Since it is relatively fresh and new, even simple ideas work well for brands. Various brands like Nike, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Facebook are already in the game. And many others are fast catching up. Three keywords for successful metaverse marketing can find place in this universe - interactive, engaging, and creative. This only shows that metaverse is taking the digital marketing landscape by storm and, in the coming years, it will become the new platform for digital marketing.

    Metaverse – How will it transform digital marketing?

    Metaverse extends a myriad of opportunities to create marketing strategies that increase conversion. Here, brands can manage campaigns that are not attractive or easy in the real world.

    Pros of Digital Marketing in Metaverse

    Metaverse presents a plethora of opportunities for brands across industries. Metaverse for brands is a blossoming garden where you can sow your seeds.

    • Build strong connections - Since the platform is highly interactive, you can build long-term relations with your TG. They can enjoy the platform for gaming or attending virtual events. This will enable brands to bridge the gap between brands and customers. 
    • Increase your visibility - While brands are still developing strategies to get on metaverse, if you have an exciting idea, it will automatically become popular, since metaverse is still new. Everyone is talking about the campaigns on the platform. Even if they are not in it, you will reach out to larger audiences.
    • Focus on Engagement Marketing - You can operate a virtual shop and invite potential buyers. The idea of shopping in a 3D shop is attractive, and customers can virtually walk around and interact with other customers from the comfort of their homes. Since the experience is highly realistic, just like shopping on Amazon, there is a higher chance to convince customers to buy. Thus, engagement marketing has an immense opportunity in this landscape.
    • Increase your income - Metaverse is a world where people want to live a good life. Here, they want to have nice homes, wear smart clothes, participate in cool events, and show off with what they have. With NFTs and cryptocurrency, it’s easy to spend money on metaverse. Hence, your brand can multiply the income with a good metaverse marketing strategy.

    Cons of Digital Marketing in the Metaverse

    Despite the opportunities and advantages that the metaverse presents, certain challenges still need to be considered - 

    • Intellectual Property Ownership - If your content creator is an AI, you may not get intellectual property protection. In this case, you cannot claim the legal rights of your work. 
    • Security - The security issues require improvement on the metaverse. You will need to learn more about how the platform will utilize your data.
    • Ownership of Digital Assets - The ownership of digital assets is difficult to verify. Even if you make money virtually, you will need to prove that it's yours.

    Metaverse - Why brands are marketing in it?

    With technology making up a universe of its own, brands inevitably become the inhabitants. Metaverse marketing provides the chance of globalization for brands with a target to reach out to a wide set of audiences. The growth and popularity of metaverse cannot be understated, which is why you need to appear in it before it's too late to create a big jump towards your targets. 

    To conclude, the metaverse is providing limitless possibilities for brands to join metaverse marketing - an exponential increase in the number of users, easy application of ideas (that are difficult in the real world scenario), and many more. If you have innovative ideas to market your brand, metaverse will provide you with a platform to be BOLD. 

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      • March 29, 2022

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