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    How to ‘experience’ a brand in the digital marketing arena?


    How to ‘experience’ a brand in the digital marketing arena?

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    “Brand is the holistic sum of customer’s experiences, composed of visual, tonal and behavioral brand components, many of which are shaped by interaction design.”
    - Kate Kaplan

    In this digitally advanced world, it is essential for brands to align their branding efforts with the goal of providing a unique digital experience to end users. Positioning of a future-ready digital brand is only possible for the businesses willing to experiment with their digital fronts and services.

    In order to build a successful digital 1st brand, digital marketers should keep these aspects in mind.

    Customer is King

    Every stage of a digital marketing strategy is planned according to the target audience and has an ultimate goal of delivering a satisfactory user experience on their platforms. Each brand is distinguished by its ability to cater to the consumer demand.

    Digital 1st brands always keep their consumers close and technology closer. Inclusion of advanced technology in your brand marketing strategy helps your business to become more consumer centric and aids in delivering a smooth user experience.

    Applying cutting-edge marketing formats can provide a more personalised and dedicated experience to your audience. For instance, use of hyperlocal digital marketing can help the marketers to focus on a particular geographical area and mold all their marketing efforts according to the audience in that area. Industry professionals can communicate with the audience in their mother tongue through hyperlocal marketing and instill a sense of loyalty.

    Moreover, digital 1st brands should not restrict themselves to a pre-approved format of marketing. Experimenting with your digital marketing strategy can deliver marvelous results for your digital platforms.

    Creating a user-first experience can only be assured with the balance of technology and a brand’s boldness to experiment with new marketing formats.

    Multi-sensory experience

    In order to be digital 1st in your marketing approach, providing a multi-sensory experience to your customers is extremely crucial. We all are experiencing a transforming world and significance of how your brand looks, feels and communicates is bigger than ever.

    Even for a successful brand, transforming its digital platform to something exciting and engaging is inevitable. Today, audience does not want to associate with a boring and emotionless company. A creative brand design incites a feeling of personal involvement with a business. Well-crafted digital branding builds relationships with the users and allows you to directly communicate with them.

    Even a simple branding component, if used effectively, can leave a lasting impact on the consumer’s mind. Take colours for instance, they impact the way we perceive a brand and its ideology. They affect consumer behaviour and present a clear brand image in front of the buyers. Logically playing with the balance of colours in your digital marketing strategy is crucial.

    Website design is another very important component. Your digital marketing strategy is incomplete without an accessible, neat and analytical website. Through an efficient website, you can ensure brand’s increased notability.

    Remember, website is your digital storefront and you don’t want your storefront to be cluttered or inaccessible.

    Through these simple branding hacks, marketers can ensure a smooth multi-sensory experience for users.

    Technology infused digital platforms

    Promoting your digital platforms with content-rich and area specific ads is the new normal. Inclusion of high-end technology in your digital marketing strategy for digital platforms should be the priority.

    Features like augmented reality, digital try-on, video content and product listings with prices works well for digital platforms. Addition of latest features, backed by ideal content and visual strategy has proved to be helpful for businesses.

    A digital 1st brand ensures loyalty and smooth end-user experience and also stays true to its values. Analytical application of brand marketing components is essential for your business. So, don’t hesitate in going creative, crazy and unconventional.

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      • The Strategist
      • December 15, 2021

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