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    Fuel creativity with the power of data


    Fuel creativity with the power of data

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    Data and creativity are two major aspects of marketing and there is a huge, ever-growing divide between the two. Even the leading brands and the most successful marketers keep swinging between the two while planning marketing strategies and brand activation ideas. Creative minds worry that the ever-increasing reliance on data will kill the freedom to take risks. While advocates of data-based marketing argue that millions should not be wasted on potential crash-and-fail ideas that are not guaranteed to hit the right spot.

    While creativity is one of the most coveted soft skill that exists today, analytical reasoning is also a quite sought-after technical skill that drives results. Both are equally important for the success of brand campaigns. It is generally seen that following your instincts and keeping an accurate measure of the metrics, facts and figures related to your goals results in marketing becoming more results-oriented. Backed by relevant data and insights, creative design ideas can build an instant connect with the target audience.

    While working on a marketing initiative, marketers must adopt a perfect blend of creativity and data. Although it appears to be a tough task, it is crucial to ensure long-term brand success.

    Being a data-driven marketer opens a new world of possibilities for you. Find out how data can help you transform the way you do marketing.

    Get more creative

    Data can help creative people develop varied creative routes, which can positively impact the quality of creative ideas.

    Think Differently

    Being a marketer, your ability to access relevant metrics is quite beneficial. Go ahead and experiment. Try out new communication plans and compare results to get a better picture.

    Test your ideas and content

    Test ideas and content and see if your audience is liking it. And if it doesn't, be ready to try something new.

    "More than being on either side of the coin, one must understand how to get data into a creative state"

    As you embark on the journey to employ data to make your marketing strategy more effective, there're a few challenges that could come your way. As DuBose puts it, "data is only as valuable as the insights you generate from it." And, eventually, the insights also turn to be just as valuable as the way you choose to apply it. Data should always be clear for a marketer to play creatively with, or else the entire communication turns out to be confusing for the marketer himself and the audience as well.

    In other words, if you have the focused data and relevant insights, it will stimulate creative thinking and the result will ideas and content that are relatable and shareable.

    Want to incorporate data into your marketing scheme of things?
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      • August 6, 2019

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