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    B2B digital marketing strategy you cannot do without


    B2B digital marketing strategy you cannot do without

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    Creating a convenient B2B customer experience is not an option anymore, it’s a compulsion!

    With the ever-growing demand of convenience among tech-savvy buyers and businesses, B2B companies need to revamp marketing style, communication, websites and customer experience.

    What differentiates one B2B portal from the next one is the level of personalization and thought that has gone into curating every bit of the content.

    “Personalisation is the automatic tailoring of sites and messages to the individuals viewing them, so that we can feel that somewhere there’s a piece of software that loved us for who we are.

    - David Weinberger

    Keypoints for B2B businesses:

    1. Making B2B buying as easy as B2C is extremely important.

    2. B2B companies need to realise the influence of customer-driven economy and act accordingly.

    3. Digital personalisation of B2B platforms allow your customers to bypass the sales call and visit your website as per their convenience. According to a Gartner report, “B2B buyers spend only 17% of the total purchase journey with sales reps.”

    4. Businesses need to implement B2B digital marketing strategies for a robust digital experience.

    We’ll be discussing the most prominent ways through which B2B businesses can alter the buying experience for their customers. Let’s begin!

    Ensure a user-friendly digital B2B experience

    Pandemic made enterprises realise the essentiality of digital channel mix in their sales processes. When the world stood still, it was crucial for businesses to keep the sales moving somehow. Many companies switched to digital platforms and created a foolproof sales module for ensuring uninterrupted business.

    One such example of user-friendly; digital transformation solution is Bridgesmart, a sales pitch application we engineered for Bridgestone. Bridgesmart empowered their sales team with customised selling, personalised product offerings and more consumer-centric offerings.

    Follow the playbook of B2C buying processes

    Whether it’s the convenience of e-commerce websites or after effects of the pandemic, enterprises now too want ease of buying processes for their B2B requirements. Although, creating a shopping experience similar to B2C for bulk orders (B2B sales) might be typical. Ensuring a user-friendly and bug free website should be a start for B2B companies.

    Features like minimal order processing, accessible product lists, error-free handling and removal of technical glitches will prove to be a concrete milestone for B2B digital marketing strategies.

    Additionally, easing out your pricing chart and displaying right information at the right places will guarantee a smooth user experience.

    Curate optimised and engaging content

    Optimising your website is one thing, but use of informative, educating and trust building content is equally important. Proper use of SEO will help your brand website to pop up in searches with relevant keywords.

    There is a preconceived notion of not including story-oriented content for B2B businesses. This is not always true. Including personality in your B2B brand marketing strategies gives a different vertical to your audience and can goes a long way in sealing the deal of brand loyalty. Demonstration of your understanding of customer’s needs in your campaigns can instill an emotional connect and enable you to establish healthy and dynamic relationships.

    Deliver impeccable after-sale digital services

    Virtual training videos, online demos and product feature explainers are a few of the many methods which can establish a trust with your buyers. Marketers can include a dedicated complaint/query tab in the business website and make sure that customer’s queries are resolved at the earliest.

    Inclusion of such services can go a long way in proving that you care for your customers.

    B2B businesses usually follow a pre-pronounced schedule and communication format whilst dealing with their customers. Experimenting and optimising your digital platforms according to the buyer’s needs is the ‘new normal’ and every enterprise should accustom itself to it.

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      • December 7, 2021

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