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Swaggr® India’s 1st crowdsourced creative m-commerce application


Ever wanted to create your own brand of accessories? Swaggr® is the app for you. Design funky T-shirts that speak your mind, cool exclusive backpacks, and tablet shells that make you stand out. All it takes is a few taps and a few swipes at it and you can even share your creations on your social profiles at the touch of a button. Gear up in as less as 60 seconds with your own cool styles with India’s only crowdsourced design app for creating your own campus gear. Make a style statement that’s all yours with Swaggr®. An app that is built native to Android, this e-commerce app is India’s only customized, crowdsourced accessory designing m-commerce application.

Consumers are purchasing products off their mobiles like fish take to water. Within weeks of launching a mobile application, online megastores claimed more than a 40% increase in sales, all coming from their mobile app. The transition from desktop to mobile commerce is occurring at a dizzying pace. We help brands create robust m-commerce experiences with smooth payment integration, coupon redemption, secure payment methods and agile search and localization features. Our clients believe that an increasing volume of online-buyer traffic comes from mobile devices, and we know that integrating a mobile experience at actual retail locations is critical to the added edge needed in today’s cluttered retail environment; we integrate innovation options which can drive your mobile audience to your brick-and-mortar store.