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Social applications in lieu of Microsites on Facebook


If you have set up a Facebook page to use as a business-promotion tool, you would obviously want to use it to its fullest potential. One of the easiest ways to do that is to add apps. Using an app increases visibility whenever anyone uses the app, an announcement is made on his/her wall and is visible to his/her followers. Additionally plus, apps allow to you customize ‘your page and integrate all of your other marketing efforts on Facebook. The type of business you’re in will determine which apps are the most beneficial, but there are some that are universally helpful and handy. Few apps most popularly used are Contest/Promotion apps, Newsletter apps, RSS Feed apps, Reservation/Appointment apps, Request-for-More-Information apps, Customer Support apps, Testimonial apps, Survey apps, Video play apps, Hiring/HR apps.

Built with Facebook Canvas and Facebook Tab application using HTML5, Javascript, PHP, and services with MYSQL Database, key features for custom tabs include iFrames handling, Video Embed feature, Camera used in some applications within iFrames (TAB) Upload/Download functionality, support for multiple documents, custom Login Authentication handled within iFrame to ensure the Facebook user is registered with the brand.