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PSI Masti Condom Launch


When we were approached to conceptualize a brand film for Masti condoms to promote their product flavours, we wanted to get the message across by borrowing the ‘Masti’ element and weaving it into a simple story with catchy dialogues.

The film opens with a shot of Swad Bhaiya’s Swad Anusaar Pharmacy. We come to know that his shop is the ultimate source of cure for the residents of the area as he has the solution to every little ailment. We see people come to him for various medicines. Finally, we see a customer coming to him for a solution to his wife’s dilemma. Through amusing exchanges and witty dialogues, we discover that his wife has advised him to play it smart in the bedroom and sent him to Swad Bhaiya to buy condoms. As the character asks Swad Bhaiya for a solution, we showcased a wide array of flavours that Masti condoms offer.

The film received warm responses for its smart and witty story while boosting sales.