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Philips HUE Lighting: Customer Expression


To familiarize Philips’s target audience with the new Philips Hue, we wanted them to experience the hues of life the product provides. Hence, we created #TurnOnMoments – an on-ground activation inside a dome-like structure that simulated the experience with Philips Hue as a lighting solution, turning everyday lighting into a worthwhile experience.

We wanted to express how different lighting affects people’s moods. The Dome was furnished with miniature home-like settings for a bedroom, living room, and a dining room. Stunning 4K projections that were inspired by nature were created to evoke a must-have desire in our audience, motivating them to transform their lifestyles.

The activation was a massive success generating substantial curiosity among the target audience and boosting sales. The campaign delivered over 18,000 personalized moments of Hue and introduced around 1.4 million people to Philips’s advanced lighting solutions.