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Retail identity: Philips smarter beauty



The retail counters of Philips Smarter Beauty were designed in an innovative way. Floor standing units and table tops were designed. Innovative and novel designs like table top, shelves, shelf stickers, shelf-in-a shelf were all designed for the retail counters for the entire Kerashine range. Keeping in mind the style quotient of Philips, these counters resonated the similar sentiment of style and innovation.

Brand spaces can deeply impact and engage with our basic human nature, creating emotional responses, and rational thought patterns that influence customer behavior for better or worse.

As Strategists, our approach to helping your brand create spaces that have the desired impact on their target audiences is to root the design process in our research and insight, strategy development and holistic customer experience design methodologies. We have excellent strategists, experienced design directors and young eager designers who keep the consumer journey in mind when creating your retail identity.

Your spaces are a brand statement. Retail activations via interiors that support truly rewarding encounters are a key commercial asset and we create behavior led retail strategy and design solutions for your brands which impact the commerce of customer experience.