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Microsoft Cloud Coach


To design a campaign for the launch of Windows Server 2012, directed towards developers, IT Professionals. To create awareness in commercial business audiences and drive trials for Windows Server 2012 with an aim to build preference, leading to conversion to MS Cloud Technology.

Microsoft provided a unique opportunity to get cloud technology closer to users and influencers of the IT ecosystem via personalized product experiences. A state of the art bus – ‘Cloud Coach’ was arranged as a fully equipped mobile datacentre, CIO kits were sent out inviting them along with their teams. A trained crew, highly efficient cloud-connected Demo Machines, equipped with remote-access to Microsoft Datacenter servers provided IT professionals in 20 cities, the opportunity to experience the exhilarating new capabilities of the latest Cloud Operating System from Microsoft.

Personalized product experiences, doorstep access, an impressive training module, and the exceptional approach to enterprise, taken with the travelling Cloud Coach successfully enabled Windows Server 2012 to create a significant footprint in the small but spread out B2B audience, driving awareness, delivering voluminous product engagements and capturing consumer mind share.