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Michelin Power Pilot program


Michelin India was preparing for the launch of the first Radial tyres for two-wheelers and the first ever tyres for superbikes in India. While the tyres were available to several other markets, Michelin India wanted to create awareness within the larger biking community and create a bond with the niche superbike segment in India

The team created the ‘Power Pilot’ campaign, which used earned media via PR and influencer-seeded content on social fora to reach out to the automotive media and amplify launch messaging. Social media was re-engineered and social media marketing fundamentals were turned turtle to connect and create conversations within the niche superbiking community. Seeding with influencers and amplifying messages of advocacy played a big role in building a community connected to Michelin while crowdsourcing for meet-and-greet events.

As a result of accentuating the ideas of influencer driven content, amplification and a community-centric approach, Michelin two-wheeler radial tyres launched successfully in India, with an improved consumer reach. The campaign, which targeted niche and highly elusive superbikers, reached out to create relevant and prolonged conversations with the fragmented segment, which helped build momentum and was a measure of the resonance of the campaign. The team’s consumer reach was also evident in its ‘Power Breakfast’ events across key cities. Impressively, we reached out to 80% of the total universe of the niche community across India.