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Hyundai Global Youth Camp


Hyundai wanted to connect with the youth in an engaging manner, establishing a deeper and more meaningful association with them. Young Indian candidates were slated to become the next best global marketer at Hyundai’s third Global Marketing Camp – a camp that Hyundai conducted as a unique brand building exercise in order to cultivate a global mindset among the leaders of the next generation.

As a platform for focused crowdsourced ideas, 15 of the top Indian B-schools were invited to participate in the initial selection process. An in-depth, interactive orientation session was followed by a competitive selection process on the basis of which participants were screened to finally prepare and identify the chosen ones who would represent India at the Global Youth Camp in Seoul. In Korea, the program played out on a grander scale with games, lectures, workshops and Hyundai R&D center visits preceding the final BTL idea presentation by students and the consequent award ceremony to honour Hyundai’s next best global marketer.

Associating closely with the brand Hyundai, young Indians (and Asian students at the international level) participated, enthusiastically acquiring new experiences while learning many new ideas and business concepts and earning a wider network of friends. They took back with them a renewed brand image and a favourable disposition towards everyone at Hyundai.