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Go ahead wear those shorts!


In a market dominated by traditional depilation methods Philips, with its range of epilators, wanted to popularize the concept of quick epilation, addressing the need to look good any moment. With low awareness and visibility our objective was to create disruption at retail and drive desirability for the brand. Insight revealed that most women head to salons for a wax but mid-length hair growth does not allow them to wear what they want 10-15 days before their waxing appointment due to visible body hair. Our strategy was to highlight this insight using interesting communication and clutter-breaking retail installations.

‘Go ahead, wear those shorts!’ became the campaign communication, which immediately caught women’s attention and introduced them to products that could give them freedom to wear what they want and be ready for any occasion instantly. Until this campaign, retail in India was absent of any impactful display for the category. Eye-catching and customized units (hard & soft POS) including display and stock keeping units in vibrant summer colors, were designed and installed at retail stores. The carefully designed units mirrored the product form factor while utilizing minimum space and maximum visibility in a cluttered retail environment. The display units quickly took category lead in position as well as placement.

Indian retail had almost actually kept the female depilation category under wraps, products were displayed in the hair-care or other sections mingling with other products and losing individual stature. Carefully designed retail installations mirrored the form factor of Philips epilators even as their vibrant color and messaging stood out. The design quickly took the place as a marker for the category and clutter breaking designs, epilator-shaped floor standing units for small and large retail formats (Various sizes depending on space availability), interesting bay breakers (parasites) placed on existing shelves and table tops made epilators synonymous with Philips. Soft POS like window branding, posters and danglers with insightful communication and a range of products drew attention, curiosity and drove awareness.