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Intel: Ek Kadam Unnati Ki Aur


Intel wanted to create opportunities in non-urban India with the help of technology. Non-urban areas get limited exposure, and the people have fewer options for education and career development. To break this barrier and bring opportunities via technology to the non-urban centers, we partnered with State and Central governments and reached out to more than 11 states in 9 months. Around 100 experience centers were created across the states and the language barriers were addressed by translating communication in 8 languages.
Around 140 audio-visual training modules were created, and training was customized and made engaging. The campaign was launched across channels with a 360-degree approach. OOH, print advertising, social media and local influencers were looped in to reach out to more than 50 million consumers. 7,00,000 interactive training sessions were conducted, and almost 94% of participants said they were satisfied with the experience. Moreover, the initiative resulted in 1,509,549 unique visitors to the campaign website, and there was an improvement of 87% in relevance and purchase intent for Intel.