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My Discoveries


In the recent past, Intel made a critical and fundamental shift in communication from “what we make” to “who we are”. The objective was to build a deeper, enduring emotional bond between Intel and the end user. Creating an increased preference for the Intel powered PC in First Time Buyers (FTBs) by enhancing affinity and excitement for the PC as an enabler of amazing things and wonderful possibilities, thereby building relevance for an Intel powered PCs.

In today’s connected world, applications are a rage as they enable you to enhance productivity, make your pictures more amazing, and keep you connected with your passion. “My PC let’s me do amazing things” came alive as a journey of self- discovery via the PC. When personal passion meets an Intel processor, you can embark on a journey of self-discovery enabling you to do amazing things – Discover yourself with an Intel based PC. ‘My Discoveries’ became an expression of personal achievement, a matter of individual pride as the campaign rooted in consumer created media came alive for the audience becoming the enabler for people to discover and pursue their hidden creative talents.

The experience on ground with live events was an immersive rich media engagement designed to use CGC and collaboratively create multimedia outputs using an Intel based PC. The integrated campaign with a multi-level, use of multi-media, and multi-touch point outreach engaged consumers. Led by experiential engagement, the campaign utilized the mediums of social media, Facebook apps, on ground live events, campus marketing, corporate events, retail branding, shop–in–shop initiatives, mobile app marketing via the Augmented Reality application, radio amplification, and exploiting experiential marketing to its fullest potential to create powerful consumer experiences.