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    Digital media campaign: Higher education institutions


    Higher Ed was envisaged as an annual program, taking higher education institutes in India into its ambit to drive relevance and bring value to a student’s life by aligning the ecosystem and bringing relevant content together to enhance a student’s life-readiness skills. The program unfolded as a long-term engagement program wherein students would be educated above various work-productivity tools and their applicability; groomed for professional/corporate interactions that would shape their career; be exposed to actual market scenario interfaces, and be given an opportunity to learn with live case studies.

    Search, PPC and social media campaigns drove targeted traffic to the microsite. The platform was built using HTML5, Javascript, .Net, Rest APIs and MSSQL technology. Custom APIs ensured that the site was able to talk to multiple partners thereby capturing the consumer journey across multiple stakeholders, OEMs, content and training as well as retail partners.