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Chill out with Google at Sunburn


Sunburn the hottest event in Goa saw a further surge in heat when Google in its trademark style set up the Google lounge in the hottest landmark and most popular events held in Goa.

Google brought about a great strategy to entice the consumers based on what they were looking out for. Google lounge was this perfect place that was conceived for taking a break and refreshing oneself. Keeping with the spirit of Google, to delight consumers in everything it does, ice-cold slush in refreshing flavors was served up on the house, in unique, delightfully shaped branded slush bottles. Straw hats from Google+ kept out the scorching heat and kept things cool.

A few hours into the festival, as things really did hot up; the hats became a rage and the slush a hit as the cool merchandise with a twist made its way into every hand and on to every head. The 3 days saw a barrage of slush-with-a-smile delivered, with consumers flocking to the Google Lounge for their share of fun. If delighting consumers was a metric, then Google’s lounge at Sunburn 2011 turned out to be a sweeping success. All Sunburn enthusiasts googled away on free wifi and chilled out with iced slush on the house.