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    7 valuable tips to power up LinkedIn Marketing

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    The degrees of separation between two individuals globally are now down to 3.5° from 6° in just a decade. For a B2B brand, it means a narrower window for quality lead acquisition which calls for rightfully placed powerful strategies to boost its marketing game. 

    B2B businesses that haven’t taken their LinkedIn profiles seriously, it’s time to follow the below-mentioned statistics to imbibe the importance of this platform in the current scenario. 

    • 93% of businesses feel LinkedIn is the best place to acquire qualitative leads, making it the Lead Generation Magnet. 
    • About 64% of corporate website visits have been traced back to LinkedIn. 

    Hosting over 660 million professionals in its network, LinkedIn lets businesses take their B2B marketing to the next level. It’s time to make the most of it by following these 7 powerful LinkedIn marketing tips:

    Interact with your network

    Posting on LinkedIn regularly shows that a brand is active on the platform. It, therefore, becomes crucial for the brand to interact with its first and second-degree connections to enhance visibility and realize desired results. By liking, commenting, and sharing posts of their respective connections, B2B brands not only can increase their online presence but appear on people’s timelines frequently and bring in numerous connection requests as well. 

    Drive engagement with value-added content

    Why consistently post on LinkedIn? The goal here is to boost engagement. How? By showcasing the brand’s expertise in its industry. It is wise to post at least three times a week on various topics in the form of tips, hacks and valuable information regarding products and services. Brands can stay on top of their game by managing tasks and optimizing brand content with the LinkedIn Posts Scheduler. Visually appealing content with facts presented concisely is essential for LinkedIn marketing success. 

    Use consistent Branding 

    Virtual professional personas have never been more relevant than now. Collaboration and presentations are the buzzwords of today. They should underline every branding endeavor a business undertakes. Ensure that whatever posts and other content forms that are being created perfectly align with the image the business wishes to create in the minds of its LinkedIn connections. Last but not least, richness matters more than reach - so brands must make sure their content adds value to the lifestyle of their consumers and connections. This can make the B2B brand presence go beyond the blue buttons. 

    Gain more visibility with LinkedIn Groups 

    The opportunity to shine comes when one join hands with similar minds who can realize their potential together. LinkedIn groups help B2B businesses achieve just that by giving their content more visibility and provide them with the opportunity to connect with people of similar profiles within the industry. In addition, initiating ones’ own group gives better control over the discussions and awareness in the niche. 

    Bolster your B2B campaign with LinkedIn ads 

    LinkedIn helps B2B brands deliver ads to their target audience through three main types of Ads. 

    • Sponsored InMail — that allows brands to send across personified messages to LinkedIn members of their choice.
    • Sponsored content — Here, the B2B brand pays to make its content more visible.
    • Text ads — These are the Pay Per Click ads that can be found on multiple

    LinkedIn pages.

    The right mix of rich media to create impactful content

    Even though LinkedIn is a professional platform, there is no hard and fast rule to not experiment with content generation. Adding visual elements like photos and videos amps up the attention factor of the brand content. Custom-designed photos and video content are known to generate twice the amount of engagement than expected. Brands must equally focus on highlighting and reposting well-performing content at regular intervals to increase their brand presence.  

    Imbibe and promote authenticity

    Any B2B brand, right from its profile to posts on News Feed, should bring out the positivity stemming from its experience, skills and talents. The content so generated should go beyond a sales pitch, and the conversations driven by the brand should convey and contribute something meaningful. 

    LinkedIn is all about networking. With the right LinkedIn marketing strategy, B2B brands can realize their full potential. Brands can strengthen their presence online by making LinkedIn an integral part of their marketing strategy. 

    Is overhauling your LinkedIn marketing your priority? Log on to to connect with our Strategists. 

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      • July 21, 2021

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