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    Why Content Marketing is an investment; not an expense?

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    Understanding Content Marketing

    way to understand Content Marketing is that it's all about building
    relationships. By leveraging the might of Content Marketing, brands can connect
    with their audience at various points in their journeys. Content Marketing is
    neither about brands waving their hands in the air and shouting for attention.
    Instead, it is about guiding audiences towards the information they need.

    When brands act as partners rather than attention-grabbers, they are going to get a better response from their target audience. Although Content Marketing can help brands establish feelings of goodwill and trust with customers, it needs to delve deeper than that. It has been deduced that content that contains verifiable data is often more trustworthy and believable. It is also to be noted that customers find content with data to be more reliable than content without data.

    In a nutshell, Content Marketing should involve the creation and distribution of content that’s not only valuable for its intended audience but ensure that it also provides people with concrete, verifiable data.

    Content Marketing is Not Just for Big Brands

    Small businesses and startups aren’t the only ones who can benefit from Content Marketing. Numerous multinational companies use content to engage their audience across different social media platforms and avenues that allow their audience to provide feedback. In this way, they collect information to improve their products and services.

    Bigger brands can go decades without making marketing efforts due to its established brand. However, the people who run those brands know that if they don't keep up with the pace and stay relevant, a competitor can easily swoop in and steal the show.

    Why Brands Need a Content Marketing Strategy

    A Content Marketing Strategy is the first step when investing in Content Marketing. Among companies that are the most committed to content marketing, a fairly major section has a documented strategy in place.

    There are multiple benefits to having a documented Content Marketing strategy. Among those benefits are:

    • Aligning the team's mission and goals for content marketing
    • Focusing on priorities
    • Deciding what type of content to create/develop
    • Establishing accountability
    • Allowing for the allocation of resources in a way that optimizes results

    Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Content Marketing

    It can be a lot of work to get started with Content Marketing and to put together a successful strategy. Here are five reasons, with stats and data, to help brands see the long-term values of investing in content marketing.

     1. Enhanced Brand Awareness

    Most successful brands have long stated that using content marketing helped them increase brand awareness over a period of time. Getting people to notice a brand is becoming increasingly difficult as people are exposed to more ads than in the past. Brands that go live with their content across avenues such as social media or email and provide audiences with information they can use is going to make them more aware of the brand than producing a traditional TV or print ad.

    2. Provides Information to Audiences

    Content Marketing helps brands educate and provide necessary information to their audiences. People are usually actively seeking information. And most of them would rather get the information about a company or learn something from an article or blog post rather than from a traditional advertisement.

    3. Increased Brand Loyalty

    Companies that see the most success with Content Marketing state that using it helped them build loyalty with their audience or customer base. Content Marketing can help make people feel loyal to a brand by creating a sense of community between them and the brand.

    Additionally, content can build loyalty by entertaining people and making them feel good. It can also stir up their emotions, creating positive feelings, and perspectives about a brand.

    4. Better Brand Trust

    Most successful brands will admit that Content Marketing helps them build trust with audiences.

    When brands produce content that’s backed up by data, they are on their way to establishing and building trust with an audience. Building trust also means choosing credible sources for content and using credible platforms. If A brand is perceived as a trustworthy company, posting content on their website can be seen as credible. If a brand is relatively new or unknown, then getting their content published on existing credible sites will help them establish a level of trust with an audience.

    5. Boost in Leads and Demands

    One final reason to invest in Content Marketing is that doing so can help brands create leads and demands for their business. Content marketing tends to generate more leads than outbound marketing or paid ads while costing considerably less. The leads brands are likely to get as a result of Content Marketing often have a higher conversion rate than outbound marketing leads.

    Why is Content Marketing a Must For Any Marketing Campaign

    In the age of information, Content Marketing is the most effective way of getting things done. Content marketing is the bridge between a brand's services and its customers. Information, whether used as a tool to convert customers or to provide research data for prospective customers, will always be in demand. Brands using this information to their advantage using efficient content marketing methods will make all the difference.

    Effort-filled Content Marketing will drive inbound leads, establish brand awareness, and guide people down the sales funnel. Whether a brand is targeting short-term solutions, such as improving its pay-per-click advertising or a need to increase leads or long-term strategies that involve brand development and rebound marketing, well-developed content and copy will leave a positive and compelling impression that significantly improves the possibility of high ROI.

    Content is king when it comes to a brand's online media presence. Making content unique to a brand's messaging is critically important for brand awareness, increasing sales conversations, and overall successful marketing campaigns.

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      • The Strategist
      • September 21, 2020

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